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Charles River, Cambridge, MA, USA: Wild Turkey Finds New Perch

Charles River, Cambridge, MA, USA: Wild Turkey Finds New Perch

1. Introduction.
2. Wild Turkey Finds New Perch.
3. Analysis.
4. Cambridge, MA, USA, brags of heartless animal abuse.
5. Trump City USA.
6. “A Charles River Vision” – to be presented by Dr. Robin Pope on Cambridge, MA, USA Cable on March 26.

1. Introduction.

We have provided multiple reports on the environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse on the Charles River by Cambridge, MA and its friends.

Our video on the destruction of hundreds of trees may be viewed at

During the middle of this outrage, after months of receiving multiple emails with photos per week and during receipt of muliple emails with photos of the ongoing destruction, the Cambridge City Council “took action.”  They yelled at circuses passing through town on the public roads.

Here is a photo of the most visible victims, the Charles River White Geese, admiring the Charles River:

[ ]

A few weeks ago, I provided photos by Phil Barber of displaced wild turkeys wandering the streets of the very densely populated Cambridge, MA, USA, during the heart of winter.  Phil has provided another report.

2. Wild Turkey Finds New Perch.

Phil Barber reports:

* * * *

A new perch on Franklin Street.

And a close-up.

* * * *

3. Analysis.

I recall seeing a wild turkey being stalked by a cat in the exurbs.

The turkey ignored his stalker, calming walking over an exurban lawn.  The cat followed and followed and followed, as cats will.

Finally, the cat gave up.

The turkey looked back, gave a look of disgust, and flew off into a tree across the street.

I very seriously doubt that this wild turkey wound up on the top of this car in response to a being stalked by a cat.  Being chased by a big dog is not at all unlikely, or perhaps it was in the middle of the street and an oblivious car got too close.

4. Cambridge, MA, USA, brags of heartless animal abuse.

The fake protective group which was the most visible fighter at the end for the destruction of those hundreds of trees on the Charles River put on a show in the Cambridge City Hall Annex lying about their own sainthood on the Charles River and that of the City of Cambridge and its friends.

The show featured the following plaque:

Now the fake protectors are openly fighting for the destruction of the trees of Magazine Beach, which was the topic of their fake show.  54 mostly excellent trees are to be destroyed in total this time, including 30 to be destroyed surrounding the abandoned building which the fake protectors claim to love.  Their “explanation:”

“Don’t look at the most important things we are doing.  Look at what we tell you to look at.”

And here are the most visible victims of the fake protectors.

In Cambridge, MA, USA, the Cambridge Machine lies of saintliness out of one side of its mouth and brags of heartless animal abuse out of the other.

5. Trump City USA.

Need I say more about Cambridge, MA, USA?

This outrage dates back to 1974 when the first City Manager of the Cambridge City Manager Machine was rehired.  He promised to create a system of “neighborhood associations.”  Over the years, that Machine has grown around a succession of related City Managers.

Even with the seating of a possibly responsible new City Manager in 2016, the Cambridge Machine lives and fights for its outrageous, destructive causes.

The most appropriate reaction to so many outrageous lies from the core activists with their wild, fraudulent claims of sainthood, has always been:

“You can’t possibly be that stupid!!!!”

6. “A Charles River Vision” – to be presented by Dr. Robin Pope on Cambridge, MA, USA Cable on March 26.

On Sunday, March 26, 2017, at 6:30 pm, US Eastern Daylight Savings Time, on Cambridge, MA, USA Cable Channel 9,  2017, at 6:30 pm The Cambridge Environment, hosted by  Robert J. La Trémouille, will present a special appearance of Dr. Robin E. Pope.  Dr. Pope is guest of Prof Leopold-Wildburger, Graz University, Austria.

Most of the readers of this blog are not available for direct cable connection.  People who would like to watch may link to the show live  from the home page at  Just click on Channel 9 in the box.

On The Cambridge Environment, Dr. Pope will detail accelerated global warming, destruction of health, nature, recreation in Cambridge perpetrated by Harvard, MIT & government agencies, followed by glimpses of her vision from steps to know, love, enjoy nature, so transform Charles River regions into inclusive, world heritage beauty, sustainable non-commuter nodules.

A lot more detail is on the blog at:

Thursday, March 23, 2017

“A Charles River Vision” – to be presented by Dr. Robin Pope on Cambridge, MA, USA Cable on March 26.

1.       General.
2.       Topics for show.
3.       Contacts.
4.       Particulars on The Cambridge Environment and Mr. La Trémouille.
5.       Particulars on some projects of Robin Pope (PhD University of New South Wales Australia)

1.       General.

On Sunday, March 26, 2017, at 6:30 pm on Cambridge, MA, USA Cable Channel 9,  2017, at 6:30 pm The Cambridge Environment, hosted by  Robert J. La Trémouille, will present a special appearance of Dr. Robin E. Pope.  Dr. Pope is guest of Prof Leopold-Wildburger Graz University, Austria. 

Most of the readers of this blog are not available for direct cable connection.  People who would like to watch may link to the show live  from the home page at  Just click on Channel 9 in the box.

2.       Topics for show.

On The Cambridge Environment, Dr. Pope will detail accelerated global warming, destruction of health, nature, recreation in Cambridge perpetrated by Harvard, MIT & government agencies, followed by glimpses of her vision from steps to know, love, enjoy nature, so transform Charles River regions into inclusive, world heritage beauty, sustainable non-commuter nodules.  Some of the topic she will discuss include:

Erosion: Dr Pope will describe the soil erosion and shoddy paths on the Memorial Drive Charles river bank, and how this has been exacerbated some 10-fold by the the DCR, Department of Conservation and Recreation’s $7 million “Demonstration Project” that demolished some 150 mature trees, ripped out undergrowth, then ripped out new varied wild flower undergrowth that arrived.

Slope unreality: Proper surveying and terracing are fundamental to avoiding increased erosion when ripping out foliage. Robin Pope will describe how the DCR’s expensive new paths were so badly surveyed that they are under water some ten-fold of the time more often than those they replace, and the MIT-CCC (Cambridge City Council)’s surveying dyslexia is such as to plan denudation of the only sizable urban wild in this Charles River area to install a bike path steeper than an events stunts person could handle, and at a cost of about $3 million.

People’s views & wildlife blocked: Dr Pope will illustrate how the DCR “Demonstration Project” blocks views treasured by people, and ended access of the white geese, so beloved that when their gold chicks came, every passing local and tourist photographed.  Dr Pope will point to like DCR destruction (with more planned) of aesthetics & blockage of people delights & wildlife needs in adjacent upstream Charles segment, Magazine Park.

Reversal and Non-Repetition: The executed trees, shrubs and flowers cannot be resurrected, but Robin Pope will identify acts that would reverse many of the other damages, some at a tiny cost, plus ways to end the imminent danger of more destruction planned on the Charles river. 

Nature&Health Ignorance: Robin Pope will document how displacement of whole plant/animal studies by genetics, biomed & unrealistic evolutionary models rob seeing where many Harvard/MIT mini-city features and DCR/CCC projects accord with climate change denial – with misperceiving conservation, personal/communal recreation as executing trees & longer car commutes by a boring sanitised riverbank.  Help is needed.

Imagination: Robin Pope will present an implementable vision of transformed physical&mental health, sustainability, inclusiveness & natural beauty on the lower Charles regions & Harvard/MIT mini city features.

The Torch&Nature Stewardship: Robin Pope will pay tribute to Bob La Trémouille, white geese feeders, Wen Stephenson, Lesley University's Science&Mathematics Division, Caroline Bird’s 2014 MIT Boston’s Urban Wilds.

3.   Contacts.

Robert J. La Trémouille Post Office Box 391412
Cambridge, MA 02139
phone 617-283-7649

Dr Robin E Pope, Room 1438
Hyatt Regency, 575 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139
phone 929-365-3345

Dr Robin E Pope
Guest of Prof Dr Leopold-Wildburger
Department of Statistics and Operations Research

4.   Particulars on The Cambridge Environment and Mr. La Trémouille.

The Cambridge Environment is the longest running of the Live shows on Cambridge Community Television, running for more than 21 years.

The host, Robert J. La Trémouille, has had major environmental victories in Cambridge, repeatedly reversing the staff of the Cambridge City Manager. Victories include areas at Alewife, in East Harvard Square and on and near Mass. Ave. extending from Harvard Square to City Hall. La Trémouille saved Guffey Park in East Harvard Square and the 19th century building at 10 Mt. Auburn Street. Harvard wanted the now renamed Inn at Harvard building at Mass. Ave. and Harvard Street to be 72% larger.

 La Trémouille, a professional, union movie actor has appeared in more than 100 works. 

La Trémoujille was the 2015 winner of New England Actors’ Dramatic Monologues Award for his performance as a Physics Professor in Artemis Burning.   It may be viewed on line at

La Trémouille’s 2016 video on Charles River governmental destruction, The Destruction of Memorial Drive, Charles River, Cambridge, MA, USA, January – February 2016, Final Cut, appeared several times on CCTV.  It is on line at

5.   Particulars on some projects of Robin Pope (PhD University of New South Wales Australia)

In her Charles River Vision to be imparted on TV 26th March 2017, will be practical suggestions towards its implementation.  In addition, she has other projects on which some in White Geese community may find ways to join and move forward in science, in research, and policy to foster our own wellbeing and as stewards of others in the human and wider natural community of planet earth.  On these other projects she has had Australian Research Council, Australian and US government agencies, the German National Science Foundation, the German Federal Government Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices and the North Rhine Westfalian State Psychiatric Clinic, Robin Pope has economics, finance, botany, zoology, physics, psychology and mental health projects that apply her new depreciations framework or her new risky choice framework, to which eventually in 2006 she gave the name SKAT, short hand for, Stages of Knowledge Ahead Theory of chance/risk/uncertainty. 

Laying out the sequential (SKAT) stages of our emotional, material and financial experiences under a risk, Robin Pope demonstrates an anticipated evolution in our stages of knowledge ahead (knowledge of the future) – that risks are a deep matter because they 1) are brain events, not events “out there in the world”, and 2) involve anticipating new knowledge later compared to knowledge now (no risk if nothing bad could happen later).  Once laid out, this deep matter of risk entailing anticipated knowledge evolution stages becomes commonsense a child can grasp, but had eluded 17th century Pascal (the father of risky choice theory) and his successors over the centuries.  Eg in 1947 game theorists von Neumann and Morgenstern reported a complementarity paradox when they tried to include risk experiences in their algebraic axioms, and their inability to find the higher level to resolve it.  The anticipated new knowledge stages that Robin Pope eventually named SKAT, is the discovery of the higher level to resolve that Neumann-Morgenstern complementarity paradox. 

Robin Pope has also used her SKAT framework to delineate timing (events) contradictions in the Newtonian algebraic calculus treatment of movement used still today in physics and other disciplines. These un-noticed timing contradictions have contributed in biology, to an over-emphasis on genetic, molecular biology research and underfunding of how whole plants and animals survive, adapt or go extinct in nature that is required to notice and track human environmental and climate damage.  These un-noticed timing contradictions have contributed to Nobelists in economics advocating the bombing of Vietnam, violent territorial extension of Israel, demolition of Bretton Woods and much of the mixed economy, austerity policies after crises, and global laissez-faire without realizing that their models exclude pre-requisites for survival of the person-made and human plus non-human natural capital stocks. 

The Scientifically Enriched Sudoku Path

Help is needed to disseminate knowledge of these timing contradictions.  One path can be from those who get fun from Sudokus (mathematical crossword puzzles) to start getting joy from scientifically enriched Sudokus – and enticing these to be constructed. The symbol (sets) in an ordinary Sudokus are just symbols.  By contrast those in a scientifically enriched Sudokus have event interpretations.  The solution a scientifically enriched Sudoku avoids implying timing events contradictions. 

Events are normally specified/defined in words (or picturegrams).  This means that solving a scientifically enriched Sudokus is a multi-skill process requiring logic in (a) algebra, (b) words (picturegrams); and (c) combining contradiction-free a) and b) so a better brain exercise as it employs more brain functions.  It can also entice team collaboration between people good at algebraic deduction and people good at verbal reasoning, as a means of team members improving their overall logical capacities since verbal and algebraic implications must be jointly consistent. This can be a fun hobby that has an exceedingly serious side.  It can contribute to wiser policy from an informed public able to comment on where some models currently used in policy should be discarded because of their timing (events) contradictions. The shame of the Sudoku-playing general public spotting and talking about the contradictions would destroy some elite academics’ claims to be rigorous in their teaching, research and policy advice when in fact the contradictions they have dodged facing connect to them impairing scientific understanding and restoration and renewal of life on planet earth. 

It would be good for newspapers and periodicals, especially those from higher education organizations such as the MIT Tech, to add onto their multi-page Sudoku sections each issue one or two so scientifically enriched Sudokus.  In due course, ability to solve scientifically enriched Sudokus applied to their own discipline might fruitfully become a graduation prerequisite in the many using algebra, and so needing to avoid timing contradictions in how they have formally modelled risk. Such a pre-requisite may alleviate the problem of algebraic facility outstripping many students, teachers and researchers’ ability to understand what their algebraic models imply about the real world. 

In turn the pre-requisite to construct or solve such scientifically enriched Sudokus involving a risky choice, is to get to that commonsense level of what a risk implies about the SKAT stages of anticipating when our knowledge will evolve.

Some Hard Copy Resources on SKAT

For those with hard copy library access, there is an exceedingly simple illustration, suitable in gist to be imparted even to elementary school children, tracing how we anticipate our knowledge ahead to evolve after encountering a risk, eg an evolution to learning that the outcome is good, or bad, but not knowing earlier which fork that knowledge evolution will take.  It is in Robin Pope’s 1989 Vienna Institute volume paper, 'Attractions to and Repulsions from Chance', in Werner Leinfellner and Eckehart Köhler eds, Game Theory, Experience, Rationality, Kluwer, Dordrecht, 95-107. 

About a project that we are considering whether to undertake, SKAT allows us to identify and lay out how our risk experiences may be beneficial such as yielding us pleasurable thrills – but also where our risk experiences may be very negative often in the form of worry, inability to borrow, inability to commit and inability to plan.  Too much of these negative risk experiences paralyses and kills humans, non-human animals and plants as individuals and as members of bigger communities (ecological groupings) so that deciding to insure (ie adopt policies that make some dire outcomes very unlikely or impossible) is often sensible.  Under the initiative of Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger, SKAT was explored and tested experimentally 2003 to 2006 in the insurance context, and written up by Robin Pope in a book co-authored with her splendid Graz University experimenters Johannes Leitner and Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger in the Springer Lecture Note Series titled The Knowledge Ahead Approach to Risk: Theory and Experimental Evidence. 

Some Online Free Resources on SKAT

There are SKAT resources online to read or download free as PDFs.  Using the SKAT framework Robin Pope has explored with Nobel Laureate Reinhard Selten in complex laboratory experiments and other forms of empirical and theoretical analysis the exchange rate uncertainty and speculation costs of abandoning the Bretton Woods system of fixed exchange rate system.  Two of these are open access: their 2011 “Managed Floats to Damp World-Wide Managed Floats to Damp World-Wide Exchange Rate Liquidity Shocks Like 1982-5, 2006-9: Field and Laboratory Evidence for the Benefits of a Single World Currency: Field and  Laboratory Evidence for the Benefits of a Single World Currency” in Open Economics Journal’s at and their sequel 2012 paper “Public debt tipping point studies ignore how exchange rate changes may create a financial meltdown”, at, that uses the lens of SKAT to lay out damages from massive ongoing private sector bubbles in international finance and pharmaceuticals.

In mental health, prescription drugs have largely failed beyond for the severest cases where they replace asylum chains with emotion-damping, brain vegetating, liver killing tablets as the medical model of mental ill health focuses in a static knowledge ahead perspective on chemically rebalancing the brain.  Robin Pope has used SKAT to generate an epistemically dynamic understanding of the brain as evolved to process risks into adequate decisions.  In turn this illuminates that adequate mental health cannot be primarily attained by pill popping but from developing from birth adequate decision making through the natural socio-economic environment affording the appropriate varieties and frequencies of small risks to learn which are wise, which foolish decisions.  The seven main risk varieties needed are for the seven varieties of human tasks with the first sensual risk processing (stimuli) from nature each millisecond and the 7th episodic ethical spiritual chances and challenges (including how to act under those from environmental pollution and human-induced climate change).  Societal changes including from pollution and climate warming deprive some groups of some of these varieties of these risk/chance challenges to develop or maintain their brains and thus adequate mental health.  Robin Pope has used SKAT to identify some of these problems and suggest remedies, including in “Attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, panic attacks, epileptic fits, depressions and dementias from missing out on appropriate fears and hopes” Mind & Society (2015), readable free online at  Robin Pope seeks assistance in spreading mental health understandings and applications of SKAT, including in achieving societal experiments indicated in this 2015 and other articles for overcoming some prescription drug wrong turns especially alarming in the matter of 10% of US children now on ADHD drugs for which on the only clean experiment, this puts their school graduation grades 10 standard deviations below those of children ADHD diagnosed but not treated with drugs.

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Charles River: Details on the key Magazine Beach destruction proposed: park and swimming pool area

Charles River:   Details on the key Magazine Beach destruction proposed: park and swimming pool area

1. Introduction.
2. General Magazine Beach Aerial Photos, Plans
3. Formal Destruction Plans, general analysis.
4. 10 tree section of eastern end of dense park being destroyed fraudulently called 3.
5. Next to swimming pool, east and facing Memorial Drive.
6. Trees west of swimming pool.
7. The bulk of the dense park, planned tree destruction.
8. Summary.

1. Introduction.

Recently, I attended a Cambridge Conservation Commission hearing on a child’s spray deck which is proposed to be conducted within the swimming pool complex at Magazine Beach with drainage over the land between the swimming pool complex and the Charles River.

2. General Magazine Beach Aerial Photos, Plans

First of all, here are three plans / areal photos showing Magazine Beach.

The first photo is taken from the MassDOT plans for the I90 (Mass. Pike) work across the Charles.

The second, a plan, is taken from current destruction plans.

The third (the upper of two photos), very telling, is a 2001 aerial photo.

Look at all those trees, 15 years ago and more recently.  And 30 are slated to be destroyed in the thickest accumulation as part of 54 tree total destruction and growing.

3. Formal Destruction Plans, general analysis.

Here are the demolition plans for the spray deck.  The long structure is the pool support building.  The spray deck is proposed east of the swimming pool between it and the fence fencing off the park where the DCR, Cambridge and the Cheerleaders are fighting to destroy 30 of the 54 trees they want to destroy on Magazine Beach.

Most plans show Memorial Drive at the top and the Charles River at the bottom.  This plan has them right / left, respectively.  The support building to the pool is to the right.  The swimming pool and the new construction is at the left.  Intentional confusion?

Here are the tree destruction plans from the Magazine Beach destruction project.  First is the destruction of 30 trees in that CURRENTLY heavily wooded park east of the swimming pool, below it in the above plan.

There is blatant fraud in that 10 trees in the eastern (right) end are called three.  Looking at the destruction plans, these are the group of “three” trees on the right, about a third of the way above the bottom of the photo.  DETAILED PHOTOS OF REALITY ARE BELOW.

The swimming pool is to the left (west) of the dense and soon to be destroyed park shown in the above plan

The swimming pool and support building are the area surrounded by broken lines.  The support building is the narrower upper part.  The spray deck is going into the right side of the wider lower area.  All trees immediately to the right of this area are slated to be destroyed even though the state agency admits they are healthy.

Compare the plans.  Notice the four trees slated to be destroyed which are simply shown as there AND DARKENED in the spray deck plans, except for the doomed little guys parking area which, according to the spray deck plans, has no trees.

In particular,

  • ALL FOUR trees lining the spray deck in the doomed thick park are doomed.  Those trees are DARKENED in the swimming pool plans to emphasize them.  Those doomed, HEALTHY trees show very clearly on the spray deck plans, plus 
  • the 30 in the park, and plus 
  • another four in front of the swimming pool building and 
  • another SEVEN trees west of the building.  A subsequent plan added the "undestroyed" ADMITTEDLY HEALTHY tree just west of the group of four ADMITTEDLY HEALTHY trees slated to be destroyed.
  • additionally, subsequent plans would destroy two more trees across Memorial Drive and not even in the Magazine Beach recreation area.

A propaganda map which spells out (continuing the 10/3 fraud) trees being destroyed and severely understates destruction impact calls all the directly abutting trees HEALTHY, but being destroyed.

Interesting that a separate project IN THE SAME OVERALL CONTROL “neglects” to mention so much destruction.  But that kind of interesting coincidence is normal when you are dealing with this state agency and the City of Cambridge under its three manager City Manager Machine..

Here are tree photos in the area.  I am picking out trees to the best of my ability.  I apologize in advance for any errors.  You have the plans above.

4. 10 tree section of eastern end of dense park being destroyed fraudulently called 3.

I will start with the ten trees called three trees being destroyed.  They are toward the right bottom of the park destruction map.

5. Next to swimming pool, east and facing Memorial Drive.

Now here are the four trees so prominently shown as alive in the spray deck destruction plans.

The fence of the pool is to the left.

These trees except for the gold tree are also slated to be destroyed.  The swimming pool support building is to the left and the fence can be seen between the building and the camera.

Here is a different view of the last two areas.

Not a very good picture.  Three of the four trees between the two gold trees are slated to be destroyed.  The support building is behind the trees.

6. Trees west of swimming pool.

Proceeding westward.  I think this is the grouping of five trees including the street tree slated to be destroyed west of the support building.  The tall tree to the right in the group of tall trees does not appear on the destruction plan above, but has been added in later plans.  To the very farthest right, above the horizontal lines (probably boats) are trees outside the destruction area.  

Here is a photo of the group of five from the river side, looking through the pool area.  One, maybe two, of these massive trees, as near as I can gather from the plans and change, is NOT being destroyed.  I am not so certain about the lower trees.  Please feel free to compare to the plans, remembering the addition of the tree to the west of the marked four.

And here is a view from the west.  I would say that the large tree to the very left is being destroyed and the tree to its right and behind it are being destroyed as part of this grouping.  The tree to the right is also being destroyed, but is not part of that grouping.


7. The bulk of the dense park, planned tree destruction.

Returning to the densely populated park to the east of the swimming pool, it is very difficult to pick out individually doomed trees.  The plantings are so thick and the destruction so massive.

To simplify things, here is another copy of the destruction plans for the dense park area.

To the left, you can see the swimming pool support building.  To the right is the little guys parking lot which is being destroyed.  The plans call for the destruction of four trees between the camera and the parking lot.  The plans call for the destruction of EVERY TREE, INCLUDING THE STREET TREE, BUT EXCEPT TWO within the curve of the parking lot.  You have the destruction plan, you pick them out, please.

Here is the view from across Memorial Drive.  The street tree to the left is doomed.  Among the near trees, the big tree to the right, probably, and one other tree are not doomed.  Once again, the plans are above.

And here is a view from within the little guys' doomed parking lot.  Note that there are three major trees in this direction outside the parking lot, including one more magnificent street tree, doomed.

This is probably the other doomed street tree.  The two other major trees are probably in this picture behind it, but cannot be picked out because of the magnificence of this excellent tree.

9. Summary.

30 trees are being destroyed in this excellent park.  54 trees are being destroyed in total in the Magazine Beach recreation area.

My video of the hundreds of trees already destroyed to the east of this site may be viewed at

It is my very strong opinion that the government agency "responsible" for this area is unfit to manage the environment, the Department of Conservation and Recreation.  It is my very strong opinion that it should be replaced with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

The destruction was coordinated with Cambridge's ENVIRONMENTALLY UNFIT Development Department under the tutelage of the three member and very destructive Cambridge City Manager Machine.  There is a new City Manager in town.  His hands may be clean.  It is too early to say, but very clearly, this destruction fits in the terrible record of his three predecessors.  Heads deserve to roll in the Cambridge Development Department.

The Cambridge City Council has the capability BY AGREEMENT WITH THE DCR to take over management of Magazine Beach, or at least the playing fields.  The Cambridge City Council has the capability, through its State House delegation, to get rid of the DCR, implementing the destruction of the Metropolitan District Commission which put MDC "planners" in the DCR.  Those "planners" brought these terrible plans from the MDC and are implementing them.

These terrible things need not come about.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Charles River Outrage - Photos of Some of Cambridge, MA, USA’s Abused Wild Turkeys

Charles River Outrage - Photos of Some of Cambridge, MA, USA’s Abused Wild Turkeys

1. Introduction.
2. Phil Barber Reports.
3. Analysis.

1. Introduction.

A few weeks ago, I reported on wild turkeys running around Cambridge, MA, USA, one of the most densely populated cities in the USA.  Their home has been destroyed by Cambridge and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.

2. Phil Barber Reports.

Hi Bob, hope this finds you well. I encountered the Cport turkey flock the other day at last. Six of them, relaxing on Franklin st. Here's some pix. They're low resolution so they won't clog your mail, have higher res versions if you can use them for anything.

3. Analysis.

The photos look excellent to me.  Not the meaning behind the content, but the photos.  Thanks, Phil.

Franklin Street, where the photos were taken, is the second street south of Massachusetts Avenue.  Massachusetts Avenue, in turn, is the main street in Cambridge, MA, USA.

One of the goals of the Charles River Master Plan (which plan was ignored when it could be treated as a convenient lie) is to drive away or kill as many resident animals as they can get away with.

Then again Cambridge’s machine does do a non stop job of lying about the environmental sainthood of Cambridge, MA, USA, and its friends.

For my video on the latest real “achievement by Cambridge and its friends,” please see

This area is where these heartlessly abused animals used to live.  Phil’s photos are just more pieces of evidence of the non stop lying about environmental sainthood coming out of the Cambridge Machine.

The Cambridge Machine tactics are a sample of the “Big Lie” Technique.  As I recall, the technique was popular in some very destructive countries about two thirds of a century or so ago.

Friday, February 03, 2017

Charles River, and Charles River White Geese, Brief Update.

Charles River, and Charles River White Geese, Brief Update.

I have pretty much been forced to look at the situation on the Blog, and I do not like my extended absence.

I have been suffering from, hospitalized for and am recovering from pneumonia.  That has put me in a position where I have not been able to do any reporting.  To make it worse, I really should not be making this post.

I have produced a number of posts in recent months going into the rot which is politics in Cambridge, MA.  Over the years, I have preferred to concentrate on the really terrible governments in the City of Cambridge and in the regional government which attacks the Charles River, but the situation degenerated to such an extent that I just could not ignore the corrupt political situation in Cambridge by which these terrible things are accomplished.

Most recently, I have gone into the attacks on commuting access to Cambridge over the Charles River as they have evolved in the State planning for the rearrangement of I90 (Mass. Pike) on the Boston side of the Charles River.

It is my understanding, insofar as my physical condition has allowed my understanding of what is going on, that the machine which dominates Cambridge politics is ramping its attacks up with apparent intent to do real harm, as usual, claiming the opposite.

The Machine has suddenly gotten interested in and “opposed to” the closing of access to Cambridge by that off ramp from Soldiers Field Road to the River Street Bridge, the next bridge west of the BU Bridge.

When the Machine suddenly makes responsible noises, look out.  It has a dramatic record of achieving the opposite of what it claims to stand for.  It sounds great and ropes well meaning people into stabbing themselves in the back.

So, suddenly, I see people, responsible and otherwise, opposing the killing of that off ramp.

The fine print is the same destructiveness by which these terrible people who destroyed hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive and are fighting to expand the outrage to the area which extends from the unspoiled wood between the BU Boathouse and the Grand Junction railroad, on the east (core goose habitat) and on the west the (no surprise) the River Street Bridge.

The spiel appears to sound oh so saintly, as usual.  The reality is fine print which fights to destroy the Boston bank of the Charles River in the area, combined with making things even worse on the Cambridge side.

This is Standard pitch.  This is how a fraud has done so much environmental harm to the City of Cambridge over the past 42 years.  They always mean so well, and they have been distressingly consistent at achieving the opposite of what they claim to stand for.

My video on the destruction just achieved may be viewed at

My printing of the initial (and understated, including fraud) destruction plans at Magazine Beach is posted at:

My details on the off ramp destruction are posted at

My environmental analysis of the off ramp destruction is posted at

My analysis of the fake group system is posted at

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Charles River: 35 year resident Charles River White Geese under attack, doing their best.

Charles River:   35 year resident Charles River White Geese under attack, doing their best.

1. Introduction.
2. Photos of the Charles River White Geese.
3. Photos of heartless animal abuse.

1. Introduction.

I have a number of photos from a few days ago.

The photos provide excellent documentation of the total lack of fitness of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation to manage the environment.

I realize that Cambridge, MA, USA has a new City Manager for whom I have high hopes, but I can only refer to Cambridge by its record, and not by my high hopes for the new City Manager.  Cambridge is very clearly part of the rot on the Charles River.

Cambridge and the DCR are excellent demonstrations of man destroying our world.

This presentation will be in two parts.

Today’s report is on heartless animal abuse.  The next report will be on outrageous destruction of trees.  Both are excellent examples of the lack of fitness of Cambridge and the DCR for management of the environment, and clearly place them on the wrong side of man’s destruction of our world.

The last Cambridge City Manager publicly bragged about all the “improvements” Cambridge was bringing to the Charles River.  His Development Department is clearly hand in glove with the DCR.  Their use of a fake “protective’ group” to smooth the way to destruction just makes the entire situation that much more vile.  Their ongoing work to expand the destruction just makes the entire thing that much worse.

In spite of Cambridge’s non stop pious prattle to the contrary, directly and through their influenced fake groups, it is silly to interpret the prattle as anything other than fraud on the voters.

Their environmental prattle is comparable to Cambridge’s loud proclamations about support for women’s rights a demonstrated by

Three levels of court condemned City Manager Robert Healy (the longest serving of the 3 member Cambridge City Manager Machine) for destroying the life of department head Malvina Monteiro because she worked for Women’s Rights in the Cambridge City Government.

         Those very strong judicial condemnations  give the Cambridge City Council full power to fire Robert Healy for Malfeasance In Office with NO MEANINGFUL LEGAL CASE BY ROBERT HEALY.  The condemnations in Monteiro legally decided that he was unfit for office.

Key words, from the Trial Judge are “reprehensible” with regard to Healy’s behavior.  Key words from the Appeals Court panel are “ample evidence of . . . outrageous misbehavior.”  The Appeals Court panel’s words came in an opinion which the panel REFUSED TO CALL AN OPINION as part of their very clear contempt for the City of Cambridge’s even bringing this matter before them on appeal.  Opinions are presented in full at, and at, respectively.

The jury put their contempt in money: more than 1 million in real damages PLUS $3.5 million in PENAL damages to communicate the sick situation in Cambridge as clearly as possible.

The Cambridge City Council clearly showed their opinion by naming their police station after Robert Healy, in spite of the Monteiro outrage, and allowing him to retire with honor and praise.  This shows exactly which side the Cambridge City Council is REALLY on with regard to nonstop pious words.

Five of the nine current Cambridge City Councilors served during Monteiro decisions.

2. Photos of the Charles River White Geese.

Here is a photo of a flotilla of the Charles River White Geese off hunting for food, with the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge over their heads

Here is a photo of a separate flotilla of the Charles River White Geese in the bay off the Wild Area, separated from the Destroyed Nesting Area by the Grand Junction Railroad.  The photo is taken through the Wild Area, off the Grand Unction.

The Charles River White Geese spend the worst days of the winter in this bay.  So far it is well protected from the elements.  But the plans show ONE tree left in the thick woods which make up the Wild Area.  Devastating the adjacent land of more than a hundred trees will clearly make the bay much less hospital.

Here are photos of remaining Charles River White Geese eeking out survival in their Destroyed Nesting Area which has been ravaged of ground vegetation by DCR orders with clear connivance by Cambridge and with plans by Cambridge to make it worse.

3. Photos of heartless animal abuse.

Above is have photographed two separate groups of the Charles River White Geese.  One is a flotilla looking for food which the DCR and Cambridge deny to them and thus are deliberately starving them.  That is the photo with the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge overhead.

I will start off an old photo, the starvation wall of introduced bushes which keep the Charles River White Geese from their food of most of the last 35 years, the grasses at the Magazine Beach playing fields, with poisons introduced by Cambridge and the DCR.

Current plans are to make the wall worse with puffery.

The wall was installed based on the DCR’s promise of a “Lawn to the River.”  It is now non negotiable and exactly the opposite of a “lawn to the river”, although the DCR and its friends, including CAMBRIDGE are working to make things worse.  Flat out lying is irrelevant to the lack of ethics so obvious in these outrageous government entities.

Poisons were introduced and will, by rather clear plan, be expanded, probably nearly two miles to the east of the Destroyed Nesting Area to the Longfellow Bridge, and next to the area west of the Playing Fields, where 52 mostly excellent trees are slated to be destroyed, poisoning expansion extending toward the River Street Bridge.

Here is a video of the Charles River White Geese feeding across from the Hyatt Regency Hotel, maybe a quarter of a mile east of the Charles River White Geese’ ghetto to which they are confined without food and with constant ramping up on the attacks.

I reported at, of herds of wild turkeys roaming the streets of Cambridge, MA, USA looking for food.  One of the most densely populated cities in the United States of America and WILD TURKEYS are roaming its streets looking for food.

The wild turkeys are among the many LESS VISIBLE wild animals being heartlessly abused by Cambridge, the DCR and their cheerleaders.

Here is a placard included in a puff piece in the Cambridge City Hall Annex in which Cambridge also bragged about its outrages on the Charles River.  The nominal entity "responsible" was one of the too common fake "protective" groups.  This particular fake group brags that it censors any and all negative comment about the City of Cambridge on its Listserv.

It should be noted that Cambridge’s bragging normally has been notable for lies of omission.  They brag about what the voters will consider acceptable in their plans.  They keep secret the vile parts of their plans.  And this particular part of their plans being bragged about in that puffery WITH ONLY THE “GOOD STUFF” PUBLICIZED would have been defeated in a public meeting without corrupt tactics by the Cheerleaders putting on the puffery show.

This placard went very far in their bragging about their heartless animal abuse on the Charles River being part of humanity’s attacks on our world in this placard.

Here is the waterfront across from the Hyatt Regency Hotel now.  The animal habitat was so strong in this area that the DCR had up a sign warning drivers on Memorial Drive of “Goose Crossing.”

The stones at the river line have been added.  Those stones make it impossible for the Charles River White Geese to access the riverfront.  As for the turkeys and other less visible victims?  What do you think?  Especially in line with the starvation wall which was created by fraud and kept as “non negotiable.”

Once again, the video taken in 2009 of the Charles River White Geese feeding in this location is posted at

Like a very large number of works of art and posts on the Internet cherishing the Charles River White Geese, the creator of this video is personally unknown to Friends of the White Geese.

The destroyers of our world who are doing their part of the world's destruction by destroying the Charles River are very clearly known:  The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, the City of Cambridge, and a very sick political situation used by the City of Cambridge to fool its legions of concerned voters into thinking that they have a responsible city government.

4.  Summary.

This report is only part of a very large accumulation of proof of the unfitness of these entities to manage the environment.

Our video on the destruction before and after may be viewed at

Brief synopses of these reports may be seen on facebook, the page dedicated to the Charles River White Geese.  Clearly a lot of pols need to be contacted.  Links to the much greater detail on this blog are included with each synopsis.

Like all those beautiful reports on the Charles River White Geese throughout the Internet, this page was created by a person whom has never been personally met by activists in the Friends of the White Geese organization.  He made it and gave it to us.  We cherish it.

One posting summarizing possible contacts is at

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