Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Charles River: Destruction Video posted on YouTube

Charles River: Destruction Video posted on YouTube

Friends of the White Geese are pleased to announce the posting of a detailed video on YouTube concerning the outrageous destruction this year on the Charles River, including the impacts on the Charles River White Geese.

It is entitled “The Destruction of Memorial Drive, Charles River, Cambridge, MA, USA, January - February 2016, 3d Ed.”  It is posted at https://youtu.be/h_u-woTPRJ8.

Here is one of the very large collection of photographs included in the report.

A preliminary version of this report has been cablecast on Cambridge, MA, Cable Channel 8 by CCTV Cambridge, with Internet availability.  It has been studied in a review session of CCTV Cambridge.  The 3d ed. includes modifications to allow for comments in that forum and from elsewhere.

The video is an expansion of presentations made on my Cambridge Environment show on CCTV Cambridge, channel 9 primarily on February 7, 2016, including an introductory information from my cablecast on March 27.  The content has been edited to present introductory materials and to edit the February 7 show to create a presentation starting at the BU Bridge and extending to the Longfellow Bridge.

Added to the original presentation are photos, maps, and destruction plans.  The photos are my work product.  The maps and destruction plans are taken from materials created by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Almost all of the destruction occurred in January 2016.  The photos include before and after pictures between the BU Bridge and Mass. Ave. Bridge (halfway between the BU and Longfellow Bridges), with some, powerful photos of destruction of the magnificent Cherry Grove, IN PROCESS.

The photos in the destruction presentation between the Mass. Ave. Bridge and Longfellow Bridge were all taken during destruction by the DCR contractors.  All destruction is blessed by the City of Cambridge.

The report has integrated in it an update to reflect further destruction in late February near the BU Boathouse.  The destruction was located between the Hyatt Regency Hotel and the BU Boathouse.  The BU Boathouse, in turn has only the Destroyed Nesting Area, the Grand Junction Railroad, and the Wild Area between it and the BU Bridge.

The video goes into DESTRUCTION YET TO COME, and reflects destruction and heartless animal abuse both in the main area of concern, but also on Magazine Beach, to the west of the BU Bridge.  The information page fills in additional information.

Presentations to date have been highly favorable on the video report.  Comments received made the video more powerful than the original edition.  They are appreciated.  I hope my response is considered adequate by the contributors.

I would love to get your comments at boblat@yahoo.com.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Charles River: “Neighborhood Association” admits it is a fraud.

I try in these reports to concentrate as much as possible on the really vile actors, the City of Cambridge, MA and the Department of Conservation and Recreation of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The reality in Cambridge, however, is a system of fake groups which have grown up during the existence of the City Manager Machine which dates back to 1974, when the first of the regency declared his intention to create “neighborhood associations.”

It is amazing how these “independent groups” tend to think in lock step and frequently recognize a reality which has nothing to do with reality recognized by people outside their world.  But they sure do love to praise the City of Cambridge, and its friends, plus, all together too frequently, entities which are worse.

The fake neighborhood association which has fought for for years and has just helped Cambridge and the DCR achieve the destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive just broke a wall of silence on the vileness of the situation.

They run a listserv.  Their latest president has announced that they have a duty to censor any and all posts which are contrary to the policies of the City of Cambridge and its friends, even when, as in the ongoing and accelerating destruction of the Charles River, the City of Cambridge and its friends are the clear enemies of decent human beings.

The latest explanation amounts to a declaration that they are obliged to be cheerleaders for these vile governmental entities, NO MATTER HOW IRRESPONSIBLE.  They argue that to allow responsible dissent on even the most obvious issues, the most irresponsible behavior by their government buddies, would risk them the loss of their tax exemption.

In short the newly discovered president has announced that they have a duty to be fraudulent when they call themselves a “neighborhood association.”

This is, reportedly, based on a legal opinion issued by the former president.  The former president seems to have been replaced without notice, or perhaps his disappearance was announced while I was being barred from access to the listserv.

Why would he have disappeared as president?

Could it have been a flier distributed by Friends of the White Geese which accurately communicated that the fake neighborhood association had gone public in its fight for destruction of the environment of the Charles River?

In a “neighborhood association” meeting at the end of last year, that former president barred discussion of the then pending destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive.  He called discussing the impending destruction was beyond the jurisdiction of the group because the destruction was on the wrong side of an artificial line created by the City of Cambridge.

The reality, however, is that the core of the “neighborhood association” had been fighting for this destruction for years, using all sorts of corrupt techniques.

In the next meeting, the same former president was happily setting the group up to discuss the nature of saplings to replace the trees the fake neighborhood association had helped destroy on the wrong side of that magic line.  And somehow the magic line which “barred discussion” was no longer a concern.  Discussion was considered acceptable in exactly the same area which he said could not be discussed.

The fake neighborhood association wanted to be paid off.  They had gotten the destruction the DCR and Cambridge wanted.  The key part of the group wanted the joy of selecting saplings to replace the trees they should not have destroyed in the first place.

And our leaflet invited folks to the key meeting saying exactly that.  To no surprise, the joy the “neighborhood association” was seeking was suppressed at that meeting.  They had a guest they had wanted to provide input on replacement saplings, but the “neighborhood association” did not mention that they wanted the pay off they had been looking for, and promised, for the massive destruction.

I could go on and on and on.

Needless to say, this “neighborhood association” has now openly bragged when discussing censorship on its listserv that it has a duty to cheerlead its irresponsible government, no matter how irresponsible the government is.  And it has explicitly stated that it has a duty to suppress any and all statements to the contrary of the policies of the irresponsible government.

I call that an admission of fraud.  That is not a neighborhood association.  It is a cheerleading group lying about its identity.  AND THE ONLY THING THAT IS UNUSUAL IS THE ADMISSION OF FRAUD.

PS:   I attempted to communicate reality a number of times in response to the discussion of whether the listserv should censor.  A number of times I attempted to support people opposed to censorship.  To no great surprise, I seem to have been shut off from the listserv again, and of course, all of my proposed inputs were censored from being passed on to the listserv.

I have received nothing in a day from the listserv in a day, and I got a lot before that.  Looks like I have been barred from the listserv again.

Reality is highly offensive to Cambridge’s cheerleaders, regardless of the fraudulent names they apply to their lovely named groups, and regardless of their owned self proclaimed saintliness.

Friday, April 08, 2016

Charles River: Response favorable to the Cambridge Con Game.

Charles River:   Response favorable to the Cambridge Con Game.

In my latest report, I reported on a fraudulent piece of protection by the Cambridge City Council, lying that it is environmentally responsible, as usual, by yelling at the other guy.

That report is at http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2016/04/charles-river-loggers-declare-sainthood.html.

I got a respectful, short email response, nicely favorable to the city council action, from a follower who provides a lot of positive comments which normally spin off into reports on this blog.

I gave him a detailed email response, and I was thinking of posting the exchange.

I, however, have just looked again at my post.

I appreciate this person’s response.  I appreciate his very clear constructive assistance over the years.  I acknowledge his positive concern by his response to this post.

I, however, have just reread the post.  It communicates reality very effectively.

To clarify one point.

The biggest environmental problem on the Charles River is the fraudulent “environmentalism” coming out of the City of Cambridge.  The city government’s environmental foundation is flat out fraud.  They stay in office based on a house of cards which is heavily kept in place by a large system of self proclaimed “independent” groups which, in turn, act as cheerleaders for the very bad City Manager Machine, and others acting in concert with the very bad City Manager Machine.  Plus, they frequently act as cheerleaders for entities worse than the City Manager Machine.

The environmental outrage is real.

Fraudulent yelling at the other guy by the Cambridge City Council should be taken as what it is:   fraud whose most important value is to keep the house of cards from collapsing of its own weight by distracting an electorate which demands a responsible government.

A responsible community taking the actions which the City of Cambridge constantly claims makes it environmentally saintly would continue to be responsible communities because of their responsible actions AS A WHOLE.  Responsible communities taking such actions would be worthy of commendation.

The City of Cambridge doing the same responsible stuff IN PLACE OF RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR which only it can accomplish is due the contempt appropriately targeted at any other hypocrite.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Charles River: Loggers declare sainthood, yell at the other guy.

Charles River: Loggers declare sainthood, yell at the other guy.

During the destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive, the Cambridge, MA, City Council got condensed versions of these reports on the same scale as these reports came out.

They responded with a resounding silence at the destruction of those hundreds of trees by the State Department of Conservation and Recreation and the City of Cambridge.  Before this outrage, Cambridge without the DCR destroyed the magnificent grove at the entrance to the Cambridge Common with Cambridge and state moneys.  Not that long before that, Cambridge and the DCR destroyed acres of the irreplaceable woodlands at Alewife, with Cambridge and state moneys.

The Cambridge City Council strongly declares itself environmental saints by yelling at the other guys, and keeps as silent as is viable about outrageous destruction by Cambridge and its friends, except to pay tabs as requested.

Now that Cambridge and the DCR have committed the massive destruction on the Charles River with hundreds more to go, the Cambridge City Council has decided to take action.

They are yelling at the other guy.

This irresponsible entity which is very happy to see and / or pay for the destruction of hundreds of trees by Cambridge / its friends, has just yelled at the general public.  They are standing up to excess use of bags, and they are taking a stand.

Naturally, they are as silent as possible about the outrages on the Charles which have happened and which are planned to get much worse, with massive destruction of animal habitat.  The same goes to their destruction of the Cambridge Common and Alewife.

But the public is using bags!!!!  That involves plastics and the destruction of trees.  The destruction of trees is for a purpose.

The escalating outrages on the Charles, on the Cambridge Common and at Alewife directly conflict with the City Council’s stated saintliness on the environment.  THIS MUST BE KEPT SECRET.

So they yell about bags.

Con game?

Of course.

How dare anybody get displeased at them for the massive destruction by their friends of HUNDREDS OF healthy, excellent trees.

How dare anybody get displeased at the blatant make work for contractors!!

The Cambridge City Council is standing up to plastic bags.

And shame of you for objecting to their and their friends outrageous logging.



Business as usual in the City of Cambridge, MA, USA.

PS:  We do have a video on the outrage on the Charles.  We reported the schedule a few days ago.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Charles River Destruction Report, Destruction of Memorial Drive, January - February 2016

Charles River Destruction Report, Destruction of Memorial Drive, January - February 2016.

I have received the following message from Lily Bouvier, Programming Director, Cambridge Community Television, concerning my commentary / slide show video, “The Destruction of Memorial Drive, January - February 2016.”

It gives before / after reports between the BU Bridge and the Mass. Ave. Bridge, and middle of destruction reports between the Mass. Ave. Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge, all with destruction plans and maps from the state agency doing the actual destruction.

The report will probably be improved upon.

Please note that persons who cannot get Cambridge Cable have internet access on the provided URL.

* * *

Hi Bob,

This message is to let you know that your production The Destruction of Memorial Drive is going to begin playing on the CCTV channels this coming week. So far it's scheduled for broadcast on Channel 8, Sunday 4/3 and Tuesday 4/5 at 5pm, and Wednesday 4/6, Thursday 4/7, and Friday 4/8 at 9am.

Folks can tune in via Cambridge cable TV, or through the live streams on our website, at www.cctvcambridge.org/channel08.

Hope you get a chance to watch, and to let others know as well!



Thursday, March 24, 2016

Charles River, Bizarre Tactics from the Cambridge Machine

Charles River, Bizarre Tactics from the Cambridge Machine

I have been trying to upload the video I have prepared on the destruction of Memorial Drive to YouTube.  I have not been successful.

We have been leafleting, as convenient, meetings of the Cambridge City Council, telling folks about the environmental destruction of the City of Cambridge.  We have leafleted folks as they approach the city council meeting room.

This sort of communication is unthinkable in Cambridge.  In Cambridge, you do not talk reality around the Cambridge City Council.  The only thing thinkable is to praise the sainthood of the City of Cambridge.

The trouble is that the City of Cambridge is the opposite of saintly.

You start with the destruction of hundreds of trees on the Charles River during January and February 2016.  The actors were contractors of the Department of Conservation and Recreation, but the City of Cambridge blessed it, and their cheerleaders aggressively fought for it, lying all the way that they love the Charles River.

This follows on the destruction of the Cambridge Common.

Both follow on the destruction of more than 3.4 irreplaceable acres of the Alewife reservation.

And then there is the outrage on the Magazine Beach playing fields and in the destroyed nesting area in the 2000s.  This last outrage is not mentioned in the fliers.  You can only get so much into an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper.

Friends of the White Geese have had the nerve to tell people about the real record of the City of Cambridge.

While leafleting folks coming up the staircase to the most recent meeting, I could be wrong, but I got the impression that a Machine operative was bragging that the City Council was out to get me.  Could that Machine operative have been suggesting retaliation for communicating reality?

The City Council has already placed themselves clearly in favor of corrupt tactics by the City of Cambridge.  An agent of the City of Cambridge was bragging of environmental saintliness on the city trees at a public meeting.  She was shocked that we leafleted reality.  She threatened our  counter leafleting with reality with a $25 fine per leaflet.

I complained to the City Council.  The City Council responded with a very loud silence.  The usual support by silence with a wink and a nod.

What the Machine operative could have been talking about at that most recent meeting, if he / she were talking about anything, could be a motion by the city council at that meeting to look into regulating people lobbying the city council.

Regulation impacting the Friends of the White Geese would be downright bizarre.  Lobbyists regulated routinely are folks getting paid for the effort.  Friends of the White Geese has no paid lobbyists.  We deliberately communicate to folks about the vile record of the City of Cambridge with the hope that reality might possibly reverse the impact of the lies being put out about Cambridge’s saintliness.

No money to lobbyists.  We have not even directly talked to the City Council in something like ten years.  We are on record with written communications, and written communications, and written communications.  We do encourage people to talk with the city council.

The BIG problem with us talking directly, as opposed to very clear written communications, is the fake world the City Council and its cheerleaders live in.  “Environmental destruction by the City of Cambridge” translates in their language to “praiseworthy environmentalism” or “improvements.”  You keep on talking and you are talking to a stone wall.

However, if a lot of people talk to the stone wall, then a lot of people can get a better impression of the very vile reality in the City of Cambridge.  The only responsible evaluation has to be “You can’t possibly be so stupid.”

ALL our reports on the destruction of those hundreds of trees on the Charles River starting with preliminary reports in September 2015 have gone, in condensed version, to the general email address which gives individual copies to each member of the Cambridge City Council.  The new member was added to the list of recipients of the email condensations in the middle of the campaign, along with most of the other candidates.

The City Council has supported the outrage on the Charles River through silence in circumstances which call for outrage, English translation: support with a wink and a nod..

All we are asking now from politically powerful people is

1.  to get rid of Massachusetts’ Department of Conservation and Recreation in favor of Massachusetts’ Department of Transportation, insofar as is possible, and

2.   to fire the Cambridge City Manager.  As far as we are concerned, Cambridge has had one City Manager since 1974, with three different faces.  In this regency, each city manager has passed the torch to the next City Manager, and that is what face number 3 is trying to do.  Face number 3 has designated his principal assistant to be his replacement, just as the preceding two faces did when they retired.

We think the responsible thing to do is to fire the City Manager, not just face number 3, but to prevent face number 4.  The continuing outrage of this interlocked City Manager position has amassed tremendous power and a whole bunch of fake groups.

The fake groups certainly look like a lot of them loudly proclaim their independence.  But they then turn around and cheerlead for Cambridge and its friends' irresponsible behavior and for expanding the power of the government of the City of Cambridge.

We think that, if the City Council has not hired an outside person as city manager by #3's retirement at the end of June, the City Council should hire as temporary City Manager the City Clerk, a person who is highly respected, and has clean hands.  She has had nothing to do with the outrages.

Then hire a responsible outsider as City Manager.

City Manager face #4 proposed by City Manager face #3 has been the head of the department responsible for the hands on work of the City of Cambridge.  I do not know exactly how filthy her hands are, but, since that position, she has been the second in command of the City of Cambridge during the regime of City Manager face #3.  Thus, it is rather silly to assume she is free of problems.  And as #4, she would clearly get the reflexive loyalty of a lot of cheerleaders, and the power associated with this massive machine.

The clean hands of the City Clerk could disqualify the City Clerk for selection, unfortunately.  Saintliness is the non stop lie.  She has not been part of the non stop lies.

Reality is something which is unacceptable in the City of Cambridge.  HOW DARE YOU COMMUNICATE REALITY!!!!

But they do love to brag of supposed saintliness.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Charles River: Public Dispute with Cambridge Machine

Charles River: Public Dispute with Cambridge Machine.

The reality of the situation in Cambridge is that, at the start of this now 42 year situation, the first regent in the City Manager operation, James Leo Sullivan expressed a desire to create “neighborhood associations.”

Sullivan had been fired in the 60s and rehired in 74, with this very strong goal in mind.  As usual when dealing with this one city managership with 3, perhaps 4 faces, the words sound so nice and the reality is so different.

A whole bunch of interlocked groups have “appeared.”  Trouble is that the true, most important function of so many of these groups is cheerleading for the City of Cambridge.

Over the years, I have seen a lot of lying, and a lot of corrupt behavior, a lot of which, in reality, acts to implement the goals of the city government.

This, however, is the first time I have been able to get into a published spat with a key member of the machine which is the combination of those cheerleading groups.

The exchange is at:  http://cambridge.wickedlocal.com/news/20160311/rossi-to-retire-as-cambridge-city-manager-in-june#loadComment.

The relevant part is not the news story, but the comments on the news story.

Probably the most visible and perhaps the nastiest of the cheerleaders is Robert Winters. 

Talking with the machine is like talking to a scripted responder.  The words commonly deviate markedly from reality, but the basic pitch normally can be described with the comment “You cannot possibly be that stupid.”

In this case, Winters strongly disputed my position that Cambridge has been very destructive.

Winters claimed to have no knowledge of destruction at Alewife, the Cambridge Common or on the Charles River.

The following is a photo published on his blog.  This photo was transmitted by the City of Cambridge as part of a puff piece bragging of Cambridge’s destruction of more than 3.4 acres of irreplaceable woodlands AT ALEWIFE.  

Winters claimed, in his printed comment, that he had no knowledge of destruction at Alewife.  The trees lining the edges of this photo formerly filled the entire area.

It is very difficult to plead stupidity when you have published a report which calls you a liar.

Winters also claimed stupidity on the destruction of the Charles River.  He gave the impression of lack of knowledge of massive destruction.  I referred him to the Charles River White Geese facebook page with its condensations of the blog reports, some photos, and links to the big reports on this blog.

Winters explained the destruction of the Cambridge Common using another standard pitch: difference of opinion.  The people he talks to think it is an improvement.  But the people he talks to have major lack of concern for reality.  

Normal people when faced with the reality of the explanation of why Cambridge destroyed the 22 tree excellent grove at the Harvard Square entrance to the Cambridge Common sneer at Cambridge’s explanation.  

Cambridge explanation in the first full paragraph of page 4 of the Environmental Notification Form was that those excellent, beautiful trees, were blocking the view of the monument.

Here is the environmental notification form.  Double clicking brings each page up to a good size.  Read the first full paragraph on 4.  The words I just used are the real English translation of the bureaucratize.

Interestingly, after really nasty words, Mr. Winters does not seem to have responded to my replies.  You can only go so far with falsehoods, and unsupported nastiness, even when you couch the language so as to give yourself deniability.

This mentality is the foundation for the group which really is the foundation of the destructiveness of the City of Cambridge.  Winters is the most visible member, the supposed intellect in the organization.

But usually, they do not put their nonsense in print.

Here are before and after pictures at the Cambridge Common.

This outrage, of course, has been turned into a pittance on the Charles River, but it is a very visible outrage, an outrage very important and very familiar to a lot of people.  The Cambridge Machine cannot lie their way around this.

I am in the process of posting a 20 minute video on YouTube concerning the outrages of January and February on Charles River with a great deal of reality as opposed to what comes out of the Cambridge Machine.....

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Charles River, words from the Cambridge Arborist

Charles River, words from the Cambridge Arborist.

1. Introduction.
2. The problems.
3. Kendall and Harvard Squares, in context.
4. Malvina Monteiro and the Robert Healy Police Station.
5. Alewife, Cambridge Common, Charles River.
6. Alewife.
7. Cambridge Common.
8. Charles River.
9. Summary.

1. Introduction.

Tuesday evening, the fake neighborhood association presented the City of Cambridge’s arborist.  The presentation was an improvement because the words I heard in the prior meeting was that there would be a discussion of how to pay off this destructive group with the joy of choosing saplings to replace trees they should not have destroyed.

Friends of the White Geese leafleted with reality and the point person in the outrage on the Charles left the meeting before the featured speakers.

This analysis will communicate reality, not the sales pitches.  Whether the sales pitches are believed or not is irrelevant.  The sales pitches are designed to communicate falsely that Cambridge has a responsible government.

2. The problems.

The presentations totally emphasized plantings and did not mention destruction.  In the lie which is environmental protection in Cambridge, the City Arborist is held up as an independent protector of ALL the city’s trees.  The reality is very much different.

I pointed out to the arborist the destruction of 3.4 acres at Alewife, the destruction of the magnificent grove at the Cambridge Common, the destruction of hundreds of trees on the Charles River with more coming, the destruction of approximately 50 trees at Kendall, and the destruction, perhaps not done yet, of an entire block of magnificent trees in Harvard Square to please Harvard.

3. Kendall and Harvard Squares, in context.

The answers with regard to Kendall and Harvard fit the party line in Cambridge.  And I repeat, I am translating into English, not quoting lovely words.

In the Cambridge establishment, existing magnificent trees have no value because nobody has earned money off them in recent years.  Destroyed trees with replacements mean bucks to contractors.

In civilized parts of the world, the approach to mature trees is: “What can I do to save” them?  In Cambridge, the approach is: “Do I have an excuse to destroy” them.  And that was what we got.

4. Malvina Monteiro and the Robert Healy Police Station.

This one person, by no means should not be held out as a terrible individual.  This one person could very easily have been hired as an employee thinking he would be working for a government which clearly communicates, and lies, that it is holier than thou.  He could have learned the hard truth too late.

That is where the Monteiro case comes in.  A columnist for the Boston Globe commented that Cambridge fought the Monteiro case way beyond reason.  But that analysis assumes a responsible city government.  Cambridge’s fighting the Monteiro case way beyond reason sent a message to those who would stand up to the Cambridge city government.  That message could very easily have been communicated to the City Arborist when it was too late.

Malvina Monteiro was a black, Cape Verdean, female Department Head.  She made the mistake of listening to Cambridge’s lovely words about civil rights and women’s rights.  She filed a complaint alleging bias in employment practices because she is a woman.

City Manager Robert Healy fired her in retaliation.  His actions were roundly condemned by jury, judge and appeals court panel.  The language was such that the Cambridge City Council had ample grounds and ability to fire him for malfeasance in office without fear of a meaningful law suit.  The only real question would have been whether the Cambridge City Council could have stripped him of his pension.  Five of that nine are still sitting.

The Cambridge City Council named the police station after Robert Healy.

5. Alewife, Cambridge Common, Charles River.

On the destruction at Alewife, the Cambridge Common, and the Charles River, the city arborist used another standard con.  Blame the other guy.  Don’t look at me.  The words were very carefully presented.  They did not go into the reality of the situation.  They strictly spoke to his individual blame.

He blamed the state in all cases.

6. Alewife.

The fact that the current City Manager, Rossi, took personal credit for managing the Alewife outrage was not mentioned.  The fact that Cambridge has publicly bragged of the destruction at Alewife about the destruction through a puff piece press release bragging of the destruction was not mentioned.

Here is a picture the Cambridge government used in its puff piece.  See the massive trees on the outside?  They were everywhere before the 3.4 acres were destroyed.  Interestingly, the Cambridge Chronicle suppressed the puff piece, to protect the guilty.  It was published by Mr. Winters, a well established member of the cheerleaders.  The Cambridge Chronicle does a better job of hiding reality in the City of Cambridge than do the cheerleaders.

7. Cambridge Common.

On the Cambridge Common, not mentioned was the fact that the Development Department worked on these plans for years, made the presentations, and then fought to get state money.

All that was mentioned in the response by the City Arborist at that meeting was the state money.  None of his business.  State money.

Before and after pictures follow.

8. Charles River.

On the Charles River, we are dealing with a situation in which Cambridge started the ball rolling with the destruction plans at Magazine Beach.  Before that, the state was bragging of the Charles River White Geese, their most visible victims.

When I got a copy of the key plan for Magazine Beach and the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese from the lead state “planner” in 1999, she pointed out to me the difference between the city’s plan and what she was going with.  It was very clear where the project started.

The hundreds of trees which were just destroyed on the Charles River, with much more coming, were extensively discussed with and blessed by the City of Cambridge.

The Cambridge City Manager, now Rossi, put on a show and tell in 2015 bragging about plans for the Charles River.

The standard pitch in Cambridge is lies of omission.  Rossi almost certainly bragged about the Charles River without mentioning the hundreds of trees being destroyed, and, for that matter, he quite certainly kept secret the outrages being accomplished at Magazine Beach.

Here is another before and after pair from January 2015.  This is only one pair of very many.

Here are photos of trees still under threat by those plans.

9. Summary.

Yes, the City Arborist gave the usual skilled presentation.  Evaluated in reality, he put a forceful lie to the party line that the trees of the City of Cambridge are protected by an independent review by him.

But the Monteiro case forcefully proves that the City Arborist, like all other “independent” appointees of the City of Cambridge had better spout the party line.

The Monteiro case sends a very strong message to people who can be destroyed by the City Manager.

Never forget Malvina Monteiro and the Robert Healy Police Station when you are given a pitch about the protection of the City of Cambridge, MA, by “independent” city appointees.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Charles River: A selected before and after of the destruction of hundreds of excellent trees.

Charles River: A selected before and after of the destruction of hundreds of excellent trees.

Before and after, Charles River, January 2016.

The City of Cambridge, the Mass. Department of Conservation and Recreation, and their cheerleaders call this environmentalism.

The Cambridge City Council is considering whether or not to rehire the Cambridge City Manager.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is considering whether the DCR should manage open space being created in its rebuild of I90 (Mass. Pike) on the Allston side of the Charles River from Magazine Beach.

The DCR is proposing more destruction at Magazine Beach on the Charles River, and proposes the destruction of hundreds more trees.

Driving down Storrow Drive on the Boston side of the Charles River, I admired the magnificent trees on the Esplanade and thought what was unthinkable before the outrages of January.  Those excellent trees would make magnificent paydays for the same contractors who destroyed the magnificence of Cambridge side.

The sick mentality which destroyed the Cambridge side and stands ready to do more destruction was exactly what the legislature was trying to protect the Charles from when the legislature replaced the Metropolitan District Commission with the DCR and MassDOT.

However, the MDC planners and their sick mentality went to DCR.  MDC should be finally destroyed by destroying the DCR on the Charles River.

MassDOT has stood up to DCR and Cambridge.  The need for MassDOT in place of DCR is obvious.  There is too much more to destroy.

And, of course, the Cambridge City Manager should be fired.

Need I say more?

PS: The facebook post got a response of a figure with head bowed and the following:

The after photo looks awful. What is their reasoning?

My Response:

That is just a tiny part of the outrage.

Please look at my blog post during the middle of their destruction of magnificence next to the main MIT Campus, at http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2016/01/charles-river-logging-destruction.html.

They change the “reason” in accordance with what the audience will swallow.  In this report, I spend the equivalence of two typewritten pages debunking excuse after excuse after excuse.  You are looking at the archetype of Make work for Contractors.

This report also provides background information and ON SITE PHOTOS of the horror.  Plus it provides a list of 34 reports with before pictures and destruction pictures.

Here is a selected photo from the report.  The destruction vehicle is hoisting the destroyed trunk of one of a row of nine identical and destroyed trees.  Compare its size to the size of the worker.  It was alive and excellent half an hour earlier.

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Charles River: The Charles River White Geese at the Beginning of Spring

Charles River:  The Charles River White Geese at the Beginning of Spring

Here is a photo of the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese today.  The Charles River White Geese are spread about as they normally are at the beginning of their nesting season.

This is an excellent example of an environmental creation of the Department of Conservation and Recreation working with the City of Cambridge.  You know them, they are the pair who just destroyed hundreds of trees between this location (at the BU Bridge) and the Longfellow Bridge, with the usual lovely promises.

In March 2000, the Charles River White Geese returned to their Destroyed Nesting Area after it had been destroyed for the first time, by Boston University.

BU lied for six months that BU had not done it, until they were condemned for the destruction by the Cambridge Conservation Commission.  Then BU started bragging.

The DNA then was a lot better than it is now.

Here it was today.  In normal years, the Charles River White Geese would be returning from the Magazine Beach playing fields, to have a nesting season.  Now they have no place else to go.  The Magazine Beach, playing fields to the west, their home for most of the last 36 years, is barred to them by a bizarre 16 foot high wall of introduced vegetation.  To the east is the former lush riverbank which was destroyed by the DCR and Cambridge in January, with booms blocking access.

The Destroyed Nesting Area has since gone through a series of outrages.  The falsely named Charles River Conservancy destroyed as much ground vegetation as it could outside of the area which had been set aside by the Dept. of Conservation and Recreation for work on the BU Bridge.  The CRC destruction is most of the area above the line of vegetation to the right.

Irresponsible railroad workers, with the blessing of the DCR, used the area that the CRC had destroyed for a parking lot when parking was readily available under and next to the Memorial Drive overpass.  They added to the destruction, plus dumped crush stone on pristine land.

The blue at the top right is the Charles River.  The black line immediately below the Charles River is the Grand Junction railroad track.  The hillside below the track was lush with vegetation until it was destroyed by the CRC and made worse by the railroad workers.

The grouping of geese below that hillside is in the area which has been the favorite of the Charles River White Geese in spite of the destructiveness.  Some green moss disrupts the artificially created dirt habitat.

There is quite a bit of native vegetation between that group of geese and the DCR introduced vegetation.  As Spring approaches, it will be excellent and it has been stretching out into the destruction zone where that group of geese is.  This is the only ground vegetation not destroyed by the DCR itself or its representatives or in accordance with its plans.

The rest of the area was destroyed by the DCR as part of the DCR’s overkill in remodeling of the BU Bridge.  The DCR got it going and the legislature fired the DCR’s predecessor, the Metropolitan District Commission.  The Massachusetts Department of Transportation took over the bridges and the BU Bridge project.  The planners of the MDC went to the DCR along with the riverbanks.  The legislature was trying to destroy the MDC, but the transfer of the planners and managers made it just a name change for the riverbanks.

It was necessary to destroy up to a 100 feet from the BU Bridge for the work on the BU Bridge, and the photo is taken from the BU Bridge.  The DCR needlessly, as usual, destroyed most of the area in the photo.  The area to the right is the 100 foot line.  The destruction went into the good habitat through the vegetation in the middle.  The adjacent hillside was destroyed as part of the work.

The overpass under and next to which the rail workers should have parked is toward the top left.  First you see the former Ford Plan, now owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Then you see the overpass, which sticks out as an extended brick triangle.  The grey strip under the overpass is the on ramp from the BU Bridge to Memorial Drive.  The grass between the on ramp and the overpass extends to the left and goes under the overpass, plenty of room to park.

The orange barrel is part of a more recent outrage.  Supposedly this area is a public park.  The trouble was that, when BU tried to turn it into a campus / public park, nobody used the public park except the animals whose homes BU destroyed.

When the DCR and Cambridge walled off the Magazine Beach playing fields to starve the Charles River White Geese, that placed them as wards of responsible members of the public who, as the Charles River Urban Wilds Initiative, have fed them to replace the food they have had taken from them at Magazine Beach.

It came to the attention of the DCR that the Charles River White Geese had the nerve still to eat.  They would walk, very carefully, across the on ramp to grass under the overpass.  They would gather on the sidewalk next to the ramp and wait for an opening in traffic.  The trouble was that, after being highly responsible jaywalkers, once they started crossing, they behaved liked geese.  Many of them dawdled.  The commuters, like normal decent humans, loved them.  They happily waited while the geese got around to crossing the on ramp.

The DCR does not want the Charles River White Geese feeding.  They, not the commuters, objected to the Charles River White Geese crossing the on ramp.  So the DCR blocked off the entrance illegally created by BU to the left of the picture.  And the DCR put the lie to the claims that this is a public park because the public is forced to use a staircase beyond the bare land which used to be a heavily vegetated hillside.

The hillside was destroyed as part of the BU Bridge project by the DCR plans.  There was no attempt to recreate the grasses and native vegetation which were destroyed.  Fancy introduced stuff which would turn into a thick impenetrable wall was planted.  Most of the introduced “improvements” died.

There were a good number of Charles River White Geese in the introduced vegetation at the foot of the hillside which has not died.

All the crushed stone is other DCR “improvements”.  There are two highways from the now blocked entrance toward either end of the undestroyed area under the railroad tracks.

The big mess near the camera was intended as a parking area for workers, and there is a work area / door under the BU Bridge.

The triangular piece of dirt was created by the DCR’s BU Bridge renovation plans, totally unnecessary destruction.  The bushes to the left in that triangle were planted throughout the triangle.  Their death is a mixed blessing because they, like the hillside bushes, were designed to be impenetrable.  Green ground coloration is moss.

The vegetation at the bottom left carries to the now block entrance which was illegally created by Boston University.

To the right of the camera is an apparently deliberate bare nearly 100 foot worker access strip against the BU Bridge.  More of the introduced vegetation follows it, and is paralleled by native, thicker vegetation.

You can see a subgroup of the Charles River White Geese in the brown dirt triangle.  There were other, smaller numbers elsewhere in the Destroyed Nesting Area, on the rail area, and in the Charles River.

The orange figure to the left of the Charles River is in the Wild Area, which is doomed to be totally destroyed except for one tree according my understand of lying plans of the DCR.

I have a comparable photo from today of the Charles River and that portion of the Destroyed Nesting Area.  I have talked too long for this report.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Charles River: DCR: Outrageous Lies on Savaged Cherry Tree Grove.

Charles River: DCR: Outrageous Lies on savaged Cherry Tree Grove.

1. Charles River: DCR: Outrageous Lies on Savaged Cherry Tree Grove.
a. Summary.
(1) DCR: Outrageous Lies on Savaged Cherry Tree Grove.
(2) General.
b. Introductory.
c. “Reasons” for massive tree destruction change again.
d. Summation.
2. Contact Information to prevent this outrage.
a. Officials.
b. Friends of the White Geese.
3. DCR: Outrageous Lies on Savaged Cherry Tree Grove.
4. Past Reports in THIS series, and key communications to government agencies.
a. Communications to Public Agencies — Cambridge City Council, destruction plans; MassDOT proposing sanctions; DCR adding to the sanctions.
b. Past Reports in this series.

1. Charles River: DCR: Outrageous Lies on Savaged Cherry Tree Grove.

a. Summary.

(1) DCR: Outrageous Lies on Savaged Cherry Tree Grove.

Hundreds of trees have been destroyed on the Charles River and I am still yelling.


At minimum, because there are hundreds remaining in the plans, if you allow for the lying in the plans, and the very clear heartless animal abuse omitted as well.

Plus, the legislature tried to clean up the reprehensible Metropolitan District Commission because it was so destructive.  The legislature destroyed the MDC and replaced it, on the bridges of the Charles River, with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, and on the river banks with the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

MassDOT has been the adult in the room with the DCR and the City of Cambridge.  MassDOT has not been perfect, but MassDOT has stood up to the vile party line propagated by Cambridge, the DCR and their cheerleaders.

The DCR got the riverbanks AND THE MANAGERS AND PLANNERS WHICH MADE THE MDC SO BAD.  The destruction is an MDC plan corruptly implemented.

And there is a lot more damage which can be done.  Plus, the Legislature was correct.  The MDC / DCR quite simply is not fit to manage the environment of the Charles River Basin.

Responsible behavior is for the Legislature to finish the cleanup of the Charles River Basin by giving the DCR responsibilities to MassDOT, and, although I realize I am dreaming, for the Cambridge City Council to fire its City Manager and hire responsible planners.

Section 4 lists a lot of reports which have come before.  Two of particular interest are:

My last report on these latest lies which are at the core of the latest outrage, at http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2016/02/charles-river-environmental-destroyers.html, and

My letter to MassDOT telling them why they should seek to replace the DCR on the Charles River.  It was sent before this outrage:  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2015/10/charles-r-to-massdot-bar-dcr-from-mass.html.

Now, there are a lot more before and photographs in section 3, comparing one to the other as much as possible.

First of all, the fraud.  This is one of three graphics the DCR presented as what it was destroying to "improve" the Charles River.  I have already debunked this graphic in the area which it pretends to show.  Much more fraudulent is the failure to mention the magnificent Cherry grove at the Memorial Drive split, and to pretend that their graphic is meaningful.

Here are a couple of photographs of the magnificent Cherry grove at the Memorial Drive split, plus after pictures, plus the destruction plans which have been implemented.  This is the Cherry grove the DCR aggressively kept as secret as possible until it attacked.

This was a winter shot.

Here are two after pictures, and one in the middle.

The same spot before destruction in season.

More in section 3, in different parts of this large, formerly excellent grove.

The grove is split between two plans.  The first destruction plan is for the western end of the magnificent grove which the DCR kept secret in its essentially secret public description.  That part of the grove is on the right of the plan.  The second destruction plan is for the east end, on the left of that plan.  Note in the second plan the nearby, excellent trees on the median which were among the last destroyed, which, is one of many things which puts the lie to the bike highway crap, one of the many pieces of nonsense, as I go into much greater detail in section 1.c below.

The blackened circles are destroyed trees.

I will give you before pictures of the four in the median in a coming report, probably with the last three at the river.

(2) General.

This blog has been viewed more than 115,000 times by people from nearly a hundred different countries.

To make certain that new readers know the latest about this environmental outrage, I am standardizing information in this subsection and to the end of Section 2.  Standardization is subject to regular edits to communicate particular points better.

Section 1.a.(2) is new as a general introduction. Section 3 is new and is the purpose of the report.  Section 4 is updated each time to reflect the most recent entries.  Section 2 is pretty firm, but contact information is updated as appropriate.

I have been delinquent in these reports in that I do not have before pictures for east of the Mass. Ave. Bridge before destruction started.  That just goes to prove the old proverb.  “It is always a mistake to say they “would never stoop so low” when talking about the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation or talking about the City of Cambridge.

b. Introductory.

Friends of the White Geese is a Massachusetts Non Profit Organization devoted to defending the Charles River from environmental, mostly governmental, depredations.  The most destructive entities are the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (formerly the Metropolitan District Commission) and the City of Cambridge, MA.  We have been registered with the Massachusetts Attorney General since 2002.

The Charles River White Geese are a valuable and loved gaggle of White Geese who have lived on the banks of the Charles River since 1981 in a mile long habitat centered on the BU Bridge.  They are a mix primarily of White China and Emden Geese.  The gaggle includes a number of members (and one Patriarch) of Toulouse Goose descent.

The Charles River White Geese have a clear governmental structure based on family groupings.  They have survived impressively in the middle of a very dense municipal area.  They have been the source of tourist and commuter admiration from surrounding communities.

Cambridge and the DCR are deliberately starving the Charles River White Geese and have aggressively made the situation worse.  Detailed analyses are provided in documents for which links are provided in section 4.a. below.

Cambridge has stooped to censoring leafleting in response to Pablum being propagated by a key city employee telling folks about the environmental sainthood of the City of Cambridge.  The employee propagating the environmental nonsense has threatened a $25 fine per leaflet distributed in response to the cheerleading.

A few years ago, the Massachusetts legislature attempted to destroy the Metropolitan District Commission which was responsible for the Charles River between Boston and Cambridge.

The legislature divided the MDC responsibilities among the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.  The MassDOT transfer has been, for the most part a success.  The DCR transfer has been a failure.

The destructive situation in the MDC has simply changed names, as far as the DCR transfer has gone.

MassDOT has stood up to more than one outrage proposed by Cambridge and/or by the DCR, or by related “activists.”

The DCR created irresponsible plans for destruction of hundreds of excellent trees and animal habitat between the BU and Longfellow Bridges on the Cambridge side of the Charles River.  The DCR worked closely with the City of Cambridge which, in Spring 2015, destroyed its own Cambridge Common.  The two combined to destroy 3.4 acres or more of the irreplaceable woodlands of the Alewife reservation.

The DCR and Cambridge have sneaked through legislation authorizing all this destruction based on 2009 plans (bragged to be 19th Century plans) without any meaningful public communication.  This was on top of a funding vote in 2014 based on fraudulent actions, clearly by a fake group which has done environmental destruction for the DCR, possibly by the legislative liaison of the DCR.

The DCR is rather clearly slapping the face of the local cheerleaders controlled by the City of Cambridge who have been fighting for this destruction as a company union for years.

The DCR is conducting fake public input on irresponsible plans for the Magazine Beach playing fields, just west of the BU Bridge.  The massive logging proposed is east of the BU Bridge, running to the Longfellow Bridge.  The DCR is refusing any form of input in their “public meetings” on the massive loggings.

The DCR does not even allow the fraudulent public input they are allowing concerning the most irresponsible parts of the Magazine Beach proposal to be given meaningful respect.  It is no coincidence that the person representing the DCR has been part of the outrage from the beginning.  He repeatedly promised “no intent to harm” the Charles River White Geese as he was doing terrible things to them.

“Public input” is “allowed” by the DCR on everything except their irresponsible behavior.  Comments on their irresponsible behavior is ignored if not silenced.

The irresponsible behavior is not negotiable.

To date the tree destruction on the Charles River as part of the DCR / Cambridge “Historical Parkways” outrage is 150 or more, with more than an additional 100 still slated for destruction if you allow for obvious lying in the plans.

c. “Reasons” for massive tree destruction change again.

(1) General.

An additional game is that the DCR has routinely been varying its explanation for destruction of all those trees and animal habitat depending on the audience.  Boston residents who have been fighting for destruction may have taken a hike, so the pitch used to bring them in has disappeared, at least for the time being..

(2) A Culture of Outrageous Lies.

The standard pitch with many of the people we are dealing with is claim after claim after claim.  A reasonable person has to think that, with all the claims being propounded with such great certainty that one of them has to be true.  When the pitch persons know finds out which lie works, the pitch person has found out which lie / absurdity is the “truth”.  The “truth” in their world is the lie / piece of nonsense that gets swallowed.

Commonly, as is apparently the situation on the Charles River, the lies are tailored to the listener.  The explanation varies from listener to listener, and thus each recipient of lies gets his / her own “truth.”

These development mentalities even have a term for this pattern.  It is called “getting things done.”  And to many members of this culture, the person who best achieves this success is held in great esteem.  “Getting things done” to so many people is the only value.

(3) Won’t it look great in 40 years?

Depending on the audience, the story is back to the original one: Won’t it look great in 40 years?

In particular, these sick people have a holy grail they have not mentioned for awhile: plans for the Charles River from the 19th Century.

Since the folks who wrote those plans could not think of cherry trees, cherry trees are being massively destroyed, almost all of them.  The same would appear to apply to that magnificent willow, and a whole bunch of other excellent trees, including but not limited to Lindens, Mulberries, Sassafrass, and Zelkovas.

And the folks who wrote these plans were also very happy with dumping sewerage in the Charles River and in Boston harbor.  This reality is not mentioned in this explanation.

(4) We’re putting in saplings!!!!

Nice, but what does that have to do with trees that should not be destroyed in the first place?

And there are plenty of places which could use saplings.  One of them is east of the Hyatt Regency where Cambridge did the DCR’s dirty work for them in the name of sewer work.

(5) Supposedly diseased trees.

An ongoing lie is that they are destroying diseased trees or trees which are in the way of their gold plated highways.

They do not mention the fact that there are no diseased trees or next to no diseased trees.

The lie comes from the omission of the non existence or near non existence of diseased trees.

So they use “or” with next to nothing on one side of the “or”.

But a lot of cheerleaders love it.  They can claim to be on the side of sainthood, even if the alternative wording is just another blatant fraud.

Last I heard, however, the poor dears from the DCR will not even document their claims of disease, obviously because they cannot.  Even, as far as I can gather from the DCR’s Legislative Liaison, the DCR refuses to provide documentation after a request from the Cambridge Conservation Commission.  The DCR looks determined to destroy the evidence as soon as possible by destroying excellent healthy trees.

And the Boston Globe swallowed the flat out lie in 2009 that all trees being destroyed are diseased.

(6) Norway Maples, shudder.

Listening to the legislative liaison emoting with belligerence that they are destroying Norway Maples, and totality ignoring the reality that there is no edict to destroy existing Norway Maples, I have even more sympathy for a good reporter from the Boston Globe who has done good work, but who swallowed the diseased lie.

The kind way to describe the legislative liaison's statement is that he lied through omission, not mentioning the scores of excellent cherries, that magnificent willow, the Lindens, the Mulberries, the Sassafrass, the Zelkovas, and the others.

But his strong statement was much more than lying through omission. "We are destroying Norway Maples." with the belligerence he used, clearly stated that that is all they are destroying.

The liaison then went into a communication that it was unthinkable to object to the DCR’s environmental outrage.

Here is a photo of the excellent Willow which Cambridge and the DCR are fighting to destroy under the lie that it is a, shudder, Norway Maple.

I have not heard that it has been destroyed YET.  The excellent Linden which was its lone mate has now been destroyed and its trunk removed.

The fake “protective” group which Cambridge lies is a responsible entity has started lying about the quality of the trees they have destroyed.

The Willow is very lonely AND VERY THREATENED.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation subsequently commented in response to a question at a public meeting that MassDOT is only interested in planting Norway Maples in the open space it is creating from rearrangement of that portion of the Massachusetts Turnpike (I90) south of the Charles River near the Magazine Beach area, but on the opposite side.

There is a striking difference between responsible, normal humans and Cambridge and the DCR.

(7) Bike Highway.  Pedestrian highway.

This pitch is a current pitch to those who will swallow it.

When I have been standing on the existing bike highway and telling people, as the bikes go by, that hundreds of trees are being destroyed to create a bike highway, I get a look at the bikes going by, and a disgusted laugh.

Then I point out that the trees are also (including that Willow) being destroyed to create a walking path next to the river, the response get downright incredulous, especially since the existing pedestrian path is a lovely, hard trod dirt path, very well fit for the environment.

But the bureaucrats, and their contractors who get paid for the outrage, want gold plating.  Gold plating is good for their pocket books.  And contractors get paid to destroy and get paid to put in saplings to replace trees that should not have been destroyed in the first place.

This gold plate mentality was a reason why the state legislature destroyed the Metropolitan District Commission and split its responsibilities on the Charles River between the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (bridges) and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (shore).

MassDOT has been commendable in its management of this portion of the Charles River.  MassDOT looks like the adult in the room when dealing with Cambridge and the DCR.

DCR got the managers from the MDC with the MDC vileness that the legislature was trying to destroy.

Interestingly, many people who have been fighting most for this destruction with this “explanation” turn out to include people who live on the Boston side of the Charles River.  These folks are fighting for maximum increase in open space on the Boston side in the Mass. Pike (I90) project.  These people lie that they are environmentalists.

Talking to pedestrians, and standing the middle of the existing bicycle highway, people concerned about the massive tree destruction seemed to think there always is a bike highway.

(8) Apparently clear fraud.

As near as I can figure out, the original lobbying effort in the legislature amounted to the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” showing a petition for underpasses under three bridges further out on the Charles.  It appears that they lied that the petition for underpasses supported this massive destruction, without, of course, mentioning the destruction.  The words obviously used fit the claim of the name that this entity is conserving the Charles River rather than fighting for its destruction.

Thus, the $20 million looks like it was obtained through outright fraud.

The falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” openly supported this destruction about ten years ago when fraud was not the in thing.  The destruction has not changed.  They are still using that fake name as well, giving the Legislature the impression that they are the good guys.

Fraud is now the open tool.

And then you have the fake group fighting for destruction with the falsehood of being a neighborhood association “concerned” about the Charles River.  It develops at least some members of the fake group look like they fought for the destruction of these hundreds of trees so that they could plan the saplings to replace which should not have been destroyed in the first place.  This is how vile the fake groups get in the City of Cambridge.

Then you have the DCR's "legislative liaison." It is silly to think that his nonsense was not given by him to the legislature / the governor's office.  But I do not know if he were around when the original approval was obtained.  If he were, that ramps up the fraud reality.

(9) Cambridge City Council.

The Cambridge “City Council” is belligerently destructive of the environment, with falsehoods claiming sainthood about far less important issues than massive tree destruction, and heartless animal abuse.  The Cambridge City Council brags that they are “responsible” by yelling at the other guy and keeping their own depravities as secret as possible.  They voted in favor of the three underpasses which the falsely named group claims puts them in support of the massive logging.

With the Cambridge “City Council”, however you have the reality that silence in the face of circumstances which call for outrage is consent.

Lack of outrage when outrage is called for is consent.

d. Summation.

The DCR is unfit to manage the environment. These latest outrages should be immediately ended.

The DCR should be stripped of as many of its responsibilities on the Charles River Basin as is possible.  It received responsibility for the banks of the Charles River Basin in the legislative attempt to end the outrage which was the Metropolitan District Commission.

The responsibilities of the DCR should be transferred to the Department of Transportation which took over the MDC’s responsibilities for the bridges across the Charles River. MassDOT is not perfect. The DCR approaches being perfect from the wrong direction.

MassDOT has shown its willingness and capability to stand up to the DCR and to its partner in destruction, the City of Cambridge, along with Cambridge’s fake “protective” groups.

The minimal transfer on the Cambridge side should be from the Longfellow Bridge to the Western Avenue Bridge.

Additionally the transfer should include that portion of Boston's Soldiers Field Road from the BU Bridge to its end in Brighton.  This area starts with the area which MassDOT is currently planning in the Mass. Pike reorganization.

But then again, there is a lot of logic in giving MassDOT the Charles River from the Boston Harbor Dam to the next dam to the west, in Watertown.  There is still a lot to destroy that destroyers would love to pay their contractor friends to destroy.  And, looking at the efficiency in destruction of the DCR, it is entirely possible that my study of this area missed a lot of vileness on the Cambridge / Watertown block called Birmingham Parkway.

2. Contact Information to prevent this outrage.

a. Officials.

Please object to the massive, irresponsible destruction achieved and yet threatened.

Governor Baker: 617-725-4005, 888-870-7770 (888 free in state)
Internet Email form: http://www.mass.gov/governor/constituent-services/contact-governor-office/

These destructive people are people from the bureaucracy which reports to him, using money allocated by the opposing party.  It would be very much to the governor’s advantage to save the people of Massachusetts from the costs of this outrageous boondoggle, financially, politically, environmentally, and from protecting the animals of the Charles River from an acceleration of heartless animal abuse in which Cambridge and the bureaucrats are belligerently guilty.

The mayor of Boston is a reasonable person to communicate with since his city is the south side of the Charles River, and rebuilding of I90, the Massachusetts Turnpike, across from Magazine Beach will create open space which really should be managed by a responsible entity.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh of Boston was in the legislature when the attempt to destroy the MDC occurred.  His email is mayor@boston.gov.

Additionally, the City of Cambridge approaches being a one party state, and the party is the opposite party of that to which the governor belongs.

Cambridge City Council: 617-349-4280, council@cambridgema.gov

Letters can be sent c/o City Clerk, City of Cambridge, 795 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139.  They should include a cover letter asking that that the letter be made part of the communications to the Cambridge City Council at their next meeting.  Because of the timing, letters could be a waste of time.

Formal Email Communications to the Cambridge City Council can be done in a similar manner.  The City Clerk’s email address is dlopez@cambridgema.gov.  These become part of the formal record.  The above address is recorded but not part of the formal package.  The above address, however, is immediate, as opposed to the next Monday night when they have a meeting.  Because of the timing, formal emails could be a waste of time.

The DCR should be barred from working on the Charles River because of its terrible record in general, and this outrage in particular.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has stood up to outrages demanded by the DCR and the City of Cambridge.

The legislature tried to prevent outrages by destroying the Metropolitan District Commission.  The legislature gave the bridges  over the Charles River to MassDOT, and the river banks to the DCR.  The DCR also got the managers the legislature was trying to protect the Charles River from.

Legislators: 617-722-2000, http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/201304/emails-for-all-massachusetts.html

Contact information as to individuals who might be of value for communications:  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2012/03/what-can-we-do-to-help-on-charles-river.html.

b. Friends of the White Geese.

Volunteers are needed and encouraged.  Please contact us at 617-283-7649 or boblat@yahoo.com.

Financial help is needed and encouraged.  This blog has a donate button which links to PayPal.  PayPal confuses me.  I am pretty sure I have charged through American Express, and their materials show all credit cards, but they may somehow amount to a debit card type of arrangement, or perhaps they let you use the credit cards the first time. .

If you would rather use snail mail, please mail to Friends of the White Geese, PO Box 391412, Cambridge, MA 02139.  Checks would be necessary in snail mail.  Please provide your name and address.  I can imagine the pious nonsense which would come from these people with regard to anonymous contributions.

Whatever you can do would be of help.

3. DCR: Outrageous Lies on Savaged Cherry Tree Grove.

This will follow on the photos in section 1 and on my prior report responding to the lies put out by the DCR about its destruction on the Charles River.  The lies cannot be responded to in just two reports.  I will proceed further in future reports.

Repeating the outrageous lie put out by the DCR concerning its destruction of Cherry Trees on the Charles River.

This is what the DCR claims to be destroying, with the support of the City of Cambridge.

In my last report, I responded to the area they are talking about, the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

The sketch is a lie there as stated in my last report.

The sketch since it claims to be a responsible communication purports to communicating what they are destroying.

It follows the tradition of the City of Cambridge in lying through omission.

Here, again, are the plans for destruction of the excellent Cherry Grove at the split.

The blacked circles are destroyed healthy trees.  The non blackened circles are the ones they did not destroy.

Some photos at the magnificent Cherry Grove on the Charles River at the split of Memorial Drive are presented in section 1.

Here are some photos approaching the Grove before the destruction.

Here are a few of the photos in section 1.

There is a very big difference between this photo and the lie put out by the DCR and, through the DCR, by Cambridge.

The cherry grove used to stretch out along the Charles east of the main grove.

And this is what the DCR and Cambridge did.

They stopped for the day after this destruction.

The following three photos first look in the exact same direction as the above photo,  Then I turn around and photo the doomed behind me.  Then I look through the few protected trees at a doomed street tree.

Here is the next day.

Here are before photos of the eastern end, which was totally savaged.  Orange marks are the marks of doom.

Here are photos which I directly matched.  They are of the trees on the right after the destruction of the Cherries.

Notice THE LACK OF TREES beyond the fencing to the right, as opposed to the above.

Next day:

4. Past Reports in THIS series, and key communications to government agencies.

a. Communications to Public Agencies — Cambridge City Council, destruction plans; MassDOT proposing sanctions; DCR adding to the sanctions.

(1). DCR Destruction Plans as provided to Cambridge City Council by me on April 1, 2014, full publication of plans in post: http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2014/04/tree-destruction-plans-charles-river.html
(2). Letter to Governor objecting to Logging Outrage and to DCR Vileness, November 10, 2016, inhand to office at 2 pm.  The morning of November 11, 2016, State House Announced the November 10, 2016 resignation without notice or explanation of the head of the DCR: http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2015/11/charles-river-governor-letter-objecting.html
(3)` Detailed analysis to MassDOT suggesting, at minimum that they get legislative approval to allow DCR to manage open space being created in the Mass. Pike (I90) reconstruction on the south side of the Charles, ideally to ban DCR from the project area: http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2015/10/charles-r-to-massdot-bar-dcr-from-mass.html.
(4). Communication to DCR objecting to the fraud of seeking “approvals” for the irresponsible, but much less irresponsible project at Magazine Beach while going forward with this outrage in secret, October 13, 2015: http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2015/10/charles-river-formal-objection-to-dcr.html.
(5). Charles River: Thought Control and the City of Cambridge, MA, USA, November 5, 2015:  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2015/11/charles-river-thought-control-and-city.html.

This is a strikingly short summary of fake groups in the City of Cambridge and their use to lie to the population that Cambridge and its accomplices are responsible entities while fighting, fighting, fighting for destruction.  With me on the responsible side.  I have had a lot of very major victories.  The victories are timed as my time allows, and as I see an opening.

b. Past Reports in this series.

(1). Report 1.  Charles River:  Massive Tree Destruction Appears Imminent on Memorial Drive, October 4, 2015.  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2015/10/charles-river-massive-tree-destruction.html.
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(16) Charles River Logging: More Fraud on the Governor/legislature?  November 24, 2015:  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2015/11/charles-river-logging-more-fraud-on.html
(17) Charles River: Logging photos - 11th photos: Destruction of habitat, increased starvation attack on Charles River White Geese, November 27, 2015, http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2015/11/charles-river-logging-photos-11th.html
(18) Charles River: Logging photos - 12th photos: Destruction of habitat, increased starvation attack on Charles River White Geese, completion of 11th photos:  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2015/12/charles-river-logging-photos-12-th.html
(19) Charles River: Logging photos - 13th photos: Doomed trees just west of Mass. Ave. Bridge.:  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2015/12/charles-river-logging-photos-13th.html
(20) Charles River: DCR Chair Resigns; DCR Lead Presenter Disappears?  December 23, 2015:  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2015/12/charles-river-logging-photos-next-one.html
(21) Thanks to Governor Baker:  Charles River: DCR Chair Resigns, January 7, 2016:  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2016/01/thanks-to-governor-charles-river-dcr.html
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(23) Logging Proceeds on the Charles River: Destruction east from Hyatt Regency to Magnificent Cherry Grove, January 14, 2016:  http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2016/01/logging-starts-on-charles-river.html
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