Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Swimming in the Charles River - The Destroyers Speak


Thanks to Marilyn for her synopsis of an exchange from a list in Cambridgeport.

I did a Google search on "Charles River" and "Cambridge,MA" and "swimming" and "Magazine Beach". The first thing that came up was:

The Charles River Conservancy is monstrously funded by developers and other destructive Boston area types.

The particular link brags about this entities fight to save the Charles River, but neglects to mention that the CRC has run around poisoning every goose egg it could get away with for the past three years.

The CRC bragged about a photo op swim the CRC participated in at Magazine Beach. This was followed up the current bizarre project at Magazine Beach in which designer plants are being planted in place of wetlands and are being used to starve the local animals including the Charles River White Geese. The CRWG's eggs were never poisoned until the CRC started poisoning goose eggs.

Now the CRWG are being starved by a heartless project supported by the CRC in the first year of the last three that their eggs were not poisoned. They were just starved, both at Magazine Beach and at the other half of their 25 year food source, the grass across from the Hyatt Hotel.

Across from the Hyatt, the City of Cambridge did a sewerage project. They were done in September 2004, exactly when they started the starvation project at Magazine Beach.

The City of Cambridge, supported by the CRC and the like, left starvation walls barring the white geese from grass they had been eating for 25 years.

So ALL their food was suddenly denied to them.

And the CRC puts out press releases, and nine Cambridge City Councilors, NINE HEARTLESS, RUTHLESS CAMBRIDGE CITY COUNCILORS, join them by calling themselves environmentalists.

And the "swimming" the CRC did a photo op about at Magazine Beach?

Those designer plants prevent it.

Well, we can go further down the Charles River. The DCR/MDC and Cambridge are destroying more than 440 to 660 trees between the Longfellow Bridge and Magazine Beach, but the CRC brags about its supposed environmental sanctity.

From my point of view the CRC is a very major part of the sickness, along with nine very destructive, very heartless Cambridge City Councilors who are paying the bill for the sickness at Magazine Beach.

But fake environmentalist keep on running around patting themselves on the back and calling the destroyers environmentalists too.