Friday, February 03, 2006

Update on Lothario, Musing on Brown Geese in the Gaggle.

Bob writes:

1. Further Thoughts on Lothario.
2. Possible Brown Friends for Lothario.
3. Is Lothario Paula's Mate?
4. The Babies.
5. An Irresponsible Government.

1. Further Thoughts on Lothario.

In further discussions with Daejanna, she informs me that Lothario was quite successful with the female geese. She mentions that he had three female friends, two white geese and one brown goose.

2. Possible Brown Friends for Lothario.

The brown friend struck very close to home.

The gaggle of the Charles River White Geese includes four brown geese:

(1) Brown Beauty, the 1996 offspring of Bumpy and a white female;

(2) Grayling, hatched in 2005 from two whites.

Both of these geese are very clearly the result of recessive genes becoming quite visible.

Brown Beauty had a brood of five surviving babies in 1999, three males and two females. Two of the males have been since shot dead.

Brown Beauty repeatedly tried to nest since 1999 but she has been on the receiving end of vicious nest destruction by people similar to the MDC/DCR. She has been repeatedly been beaten defending her nest. Brown Beauty was on the receiving end of egg poisoning by people who certainly look like the Charles River Conservancy, yet another of the “volunteer groups” which work closely with the MDC/DCR. The Charles River Conservancy has very major developer funding. Senator Kennedy’s office is reported to have stepped in to assist the egg poisoning in 2005.

(3) and (4) are two sister Toulouse Geese who appeared in the fall of 2000. They, apparently, were former pets who were left with the gaggle. This was probably because their owner could no longer keep them. Paula has an orange bill and, like Brown Beauty, has repeatedly tried to nest since 2000. Paulina, with a pink bill, apparently has never mated but frequently has nest sat during the same period, doing her part to help out the gaggle.

In 2005, at about the time that Lothario “disappeared,” Paula succeeded in having her babies. My memory is that she had four babies of which two now survive with loving care by their parents.

But Daejanna tells me that Lothario had a brown girlfriend.

Well, it is possible that Greyling is female, but he is quite big for a female and he was only hatched in 2005. Clearly, Brown Beauty is another possibility, but does not sound appropriate.

Paula sounds like an excellent goose to be Lothario’s mate.

3. Is Lothario Paula's Mate?

It is quite possible that Lothario has stopped talking to me because he has much more important things to do, that he is watching over his babies along with Paula.

I have suggested to Daejanna that she check out Paula’s mate to see if that is Lothario. I imagine it probably is. Lothario stood out to me because he did such a beautiful job of talking with me, but Lothario looked like an Emden Goose in a location with a lot of other Emden Geese. With Lothario not talking, I really cannot tell the difference between him and the other Emdens.

I hope Daejanna will check out Paula and her mate, and let me know if the mate is Lothario. I think it is.

4. The Babies.

And the babies? Well by the time the babies were six months old, they were bigger than Paula, their mother, quite a bit bigger. They generally look like big Emden Geese except for a number of black markings. The babies do not look like Dalmations with the black markings, but they clearly have black markings.

Brown Beauty’s babies have black feather tips on the tips of their wings. The babies of Paula have quite a bit larger markings that do Brown Beauty's babies. The surviving male son of Brown Beauty is rather clearly a China Goose as well. Brown Beauty's daughters, as I recall, look like Emdens, but perhaps somebody could correct me.

We do have several photos of Paula on the website, Please feel free to check her out on the website. Photos of Brown Beauty are also there and the two are clearly quite a bit different.

The two other sons of Brown Beauty also looked like China Geese. Their killings are part of a pattern.

5. An Irresponsible Government.

An irresponsible government has declared war on these beautiful beings. Before the declaration of war, the Charles River White Geese lived in peace and love. The Charles River White Geese are still generally loved by sane human beings. Clearly, they are very popular with admiring commuters. The sickos, however, react predictably to the behavior of an irresponsible government.

I will report to you the result of Daejanna’s visit when she is able to visit the white geese again.