Sunday, April 30, 2006

Nice Words From the Charles River Watershed Association

Daejanna Wormwood Malone reports:

Hi Bob, Last sunday (April 16, 2006) between 6 and 7am, there is a program on WZLX about various subjects in the state...this week Rob Zimmerman of the MWRA( or DCR for all I know)spoke about the water quality and the plan they have to improve the whole Charles River.

Apparently out beyond Waltham the river is questionally swimable, but the lower basin (starting at Watertown Falls) is still unfit most of the time. Rob even said the Basin by the jail has its good days, however, the waste on the bottom is toxic to man and any other beast as well. He is trying to devise a method of bottom waste removal and money to pay for it.

The program was an hour long and Zimmerman mention BRIEFLY the White Geese and mentioned what an asset they are to the public visiting Boston/Cambridge, moreover, their waste is not enough to effect the quality of the basin water because at least twice a day it is brackish water open to the ocean via Boston Harbor.

Those two sentences are not much but I listen weeklyto the light topics and maybe it reached a larger audience??? I certainly hope so.

Just thought you needed to read about it. Hope your spring goes well...and the wall is not "eroded"by passing boaters...I am looking into a way to desolve the material safely is anyone else?

Happy Spring, Blessed Be...



Thank you for the good report. The Charles River Watershed Association is difficult to separate from the rest of the bad guys.

Their presentation to the people in Allston featured them bragging about intention to destroy native vegetation at Herter Park across from WBZ in Brighton.

Their friends from the Charles River Conservancy behave about as sickly from an environmental point of view as you can get. The Charles River Conservancy is the entity which is now on a twice yearly scalping of vegetation at water's edge along the Charles. This scalping is exactly what the CRWA was proposing at Herter West, just further back.

In the period from 2003 to 2005 the CRC ran around the first 10 miles of the Charles River poisoning as many goose eggs as they could get away with.

I am totally unaware of any negative words from the CRWA about the CRC.