Thursday, May 25, 2006

Does the Cambridge City Council Have Nine Heartless Animal Abusers?

From Bob La Trémouille

1. A few caveats.
2. Craig Kelly, Introductory
3. Craig Kelly, Specific.
4. Show me I am wrong.

1. A few caveats.

A. There are two principal contributors to this blog and we try to identify ourselves with each posting.

B. We have worked together on Friends of the White Geese since spring 2000 and we do generally agree with each other.

C. On the matter below, I am really not certain what Marilyn’s opinion is, but I feel quite strongly about wanting to get this out, and if she disagrees I will be quite pleased to add an appropriate comment.

D. Marilyn is out of state for an extended period. When she is out of state like this, she can be difficult to contact.

E. I would be very happy to be talked out of this opinion. If I keep my mouth shut, it will just fester and, should I be wrong, I will not have learned that I am wrong.

2. Craig Kelly, Introductory

That being said, I am very concerned because Councilor Craig Kelly is starting to look to me like just another animal abuser in a political situation stacked with animal abusers.

I was happy to see him running and I would have been very happy if he had defeated one of the “liberals” on the Cambridge City Council.

Trouble is he defeated one of the “conservatives.”

The closer a member of the Cambridge City Council resembles an environmentalist, the more destructive to the environment they tend to be.

They brag about saving the world on environmental initiatives and dead silent on the destruction of the environment in Cambridge by misbehavior by the City of Cambridge and its allies.

The combination of bragging about nonlocal matters which are creditable and dead silence on destructive environmental matters in the City of Cambridge by Cambridge and his buddies creates a very false impression.

3. Craig Kelly, Specific.

I tried to give Kelly the benefit of the doubt, but his total silence on the outrage on the Charles River and the outrage at Fresh Pond, etc., have caused me to have increasing doubts.

Monday night, the Cambridge City Manager reported to the Cambridge City Council on the bizarre project at Magazine Beach by which the City of Cambridge has been barring from the Charles River White Geese their principal food source for 18 months.

Monday night, I very effectively communicated the extreme lack of responsibility of this project including the starvation attacks on the white geese.

The explanation for this heartless behavior has been consistent: a wall of silence.

Monday night, all Kelly had to do was speak on the City Manager's report.

Monday night, Kelly joined that wall of silence.

5. Show me I am wrong.

Kelly looks to me like just another hypocrite claiming to be saving the world. The world saving claims are used to hide their own destruction of the environment of our part of the world as part of the government of the City of Cambridge.

Outrageous, irresponsible. This is the City of Cambridge.