Sunday, September 03, 2006

Environmental Destroyers Target White Ducks.

The fourth week of August 2006, the Charles River Conservancy, acting on behalf of Massachusetts' Department of Conservation and Recreation started destroying riverfront vegetation immediately next to the home of Andrake and Daffney. Andrake and Daffney's home is next.

I have previously reported the coming of Andrake and Daffney, the Charles River White Ducks. They were abandoned at Magazine Beach, and stayed in a grove of trees waiting for their master to come back.

I saved Andrake from being killed when a person sicced his dog on the ducks. Disturbed people do nasty things following the lead of the regional and Cambridge, MA governments.

Bill Naumann of the Charles River Urban Wilds Initiative taught the ducks to swim. They were very innocent and very beautiful, but they apparently were kept in very restricted quarters. They did not know what all that blue stuff was for until Bill enticed them into the Charles River.

Once Bill taught them what the river was for and after we had left Magazine Beach that day, the White Ducks set out to explore the Charles River. They made themselves a home in vegetation covering the Charles River on the Boston side.

They are now directly at risk because of the contemptible behavior of the state agency charged with defending the local environment, the Department of Conservation and Recreation of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We are faced with a government agency responsible for management of nature, but which is beligerently unfit to manage nature. The Department of Conservation and Recreation has contempt for nature. The DCR routinely destroys nature. The DCR, along with the City of Cambridge, is an excellent example of man destroying our world by destroying his back yard.

DCR and Cambridge are offended by nature. DCR does a lot of lying. Cambridge does a lot of saving of the world outside its back yard. Both routinely destroy their back yards.

One of the things that both Cambridge and the DCR are most offended by is that the Charles River looks like a river.

The DCR is determined to correct that. The DCR routinely destroys river vegetation which has the nerve to make the Charles River look like a river.

The sick project at Magazine Beach is just one example.

The DCR commonly works through a group which is funded by developers / contractors do the most outrageous of its dirty work. This group calls itself the “Charles River Conservancy.” The DCR has been sanctioned by the Boston Conservation Commission for CRC environmental destructiveness and for CRC contempt for environmental regulation acting on behalf of the DCR.

The Charles River Conservancy has poisoned every goose egg it could get away with on the first ten miles of the Charles River for the past four years. We yelled about the White Geese. They stopped poisoning the eggs of the White Geese after two years of poisonings. This year I have seen only one Canada Goose baby because of the DCR and CRC's environmental destruction.

The DCR through its agents harass water fowl because water fowl have the nerve to exist in land areas next to bodies of water.

The behavior of these people is stereotypical of man's destruction of man's world.

The DCR brags about a “vegetation management plan” under which they say they do not cut vegetation next to bodies of water shorter than a foot. The DCR is lying. The DCR and the CRC routinely prove the DCR liars by the activities of the CRC on the banks of the Charles, clear-cutting native vegetation.

There have been heron viewed off Magazine Beach. That was before the DCR got busy destroying the vegetation they, like the Charles River White Ducks, need for their protection. If you want to know what happed to the wild birds, the answer is quite similar to what happened to so many free animals in the City of Cambridge. Government made it impossible for free animals to live. All the while these hypocrites toss pious nonsense about how pro-environment they are.

The Commissioner of the DCR in a recent public meeting, proved himself a very major part of the lie about protections for wetlands vegetation. One of the DCR managers bragged about the fake vegetation plan. I tried to discuss reality. The commissioner shouted me down.

Approximately every six months, the real vegetation management plan is implemented by the CRC for the DCR and the CRC does their own bragging. The CRC on behalf of the DCR scalps the Charles River. They do this because the DCR and the CRC are offended by the idea of having a river in their world. The DCR and the CRC wants parks, not rivers, grass, not wildlife. And in any case, the developers and contractors who are funding the CRC are offended by nature because they do not make money out of nature.

When you see the people making the loudest noises about Canada Geese, ask yourself is there a developer or contractor somewhere around? These are the people destroying our world, through sick government aencies.

The Charles River White Ducks and all other animals who use vegetation for shelter on the Charles River are very much at risk from these reprehensible entities.

Last week, the CRC started destroying riverfront vegetation immediately next to the home of Andrake and Daffney, downriver, to the east.

The destruction is particularly sick because Andrake and Daffney have chosen a home in an area which is quite wild. There is no real river bank between the local highway and the Charles River at this point,

But we have sick people who have contempt for nature and who are part of that portion of mankind who are destroying our world.

This is written on September 3, 2006. The attack just to the east of Andrake and Daffney occurred a little bit more than a week ago. The sickos could attack Andrake and Daffney at any time.