Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Flash! Cambridge, MA "Conservation Commission" Authorizes Greater Starvation Attacks, River Poisoning

We went through the motions, but we know just how bad appointees of the Cambridge City Manager are.

The Cambridge City Manager avoids appointing people who are meaningfully pro-environment to boards. When it comes to environmental destruction on public lands in the City of Cambridge, the Cambridge City Manager is the key.

The fact that nine fake "environmentalists" on the Cambridge City Council rubber-stamp him and that he is comrade-in-arms with the reprehensible state Department of Conservation and Resources just adds to the sickness.

Last night, September 11, the Cambridge "Conservation Commission" took a vote. THEN they allowed public comment.

Pro-environment people outnumbered the reprehensible DCR and its Charles River Conservancy front organization five to one. Nobody from the audience spoke in favor of this outrage and, I believe, eight spoke out against.

The Cambridge Conservation Commission reaffirmed a vote taken by the Cambridge City Council in December 1999, a vote the Cambridge City Council has reaffirmed by silence throughout the goose killings and even silence about reality, when a probable goose-killer went on to the rape and murder of a young woman where he had been killing geese.

The sick proposal approved by the CCC will dig up all the food for the Charles River White Geese at Magazine Beach. Dirt is being dug up to be replaced by dirt and poisons. The Charles River between the Mass. Ave. Bridge and the Harbor is poisonous to humans and animals because of a similar project near Mass. General Hospital and the Charles River Dam.

Cambridge’s rubber-stamp Conservation Commission authorized further river and animal poisoning when it authorized this outrage.

What were nine fake environmentalists on the Cambridge City Council doing at that time?

The Cambridge City Council had an agenda with the usual pious and false environmentalism. The Cambridge City Council kept the public from talking until after the start of the Conservation Commission meeting, with a possibly unprecedented delay of more than an hour and a half before the start of public comment period.

These nine environmental fakes took no chance on reality interfering with their propaganda.

In other action, the Cambridge Conservation Commission further demonstrated its contempt for the environment by authorizing permanent nighttime disruption of wildlife and peaceful human use on the Charles River by authorizing essentially permanent lighting of bridges from water level.

Robert La Tremouille