Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Eve at Magazine Beach

Bob La Trémouille reports:

The Charles River White Geese were asleep in their Destroyed Nesting Area.

The overnight temperature approached freezing. When that happens, the White Geese do a lot more sleeping, conserving their energy and using their goosedown jackets to the best effect.

I have not seen them at Magazine Beach for several days, but the temperatures have changed along with their habits. I very easily could have missed them.

The Charles River White Ducks can be seen on the Boston side of the Charles River perched on the pontoons. The Charles River Urban Wilds Initiative is taking special attention to them. This is their first winter of freedom and very close watch is being taken for them. With winter's advent, their thick cover of green is gone, with help from the vile Charles River Conservancy. Their home is only feet from the quite busy Storrow Drive / Soldiers' Field Road.

They were true innocents last July when they were abandoned at Magazine Beach. At first, they quite belligerently stayed where they had been dropped, looking for their master.

Once CRUWI taught them to swim in the Charles River, they have been happy, at home.

Construction fences continue to accumulate.