Saturday, December 09, 2006

Good job, Chronicle, good job

Bob La Trémouille reports:

The following is my electronic copy of a letter printed in the December 7, 2006, Cambridge Chronicle, page 13. Placement was excellent.

To the best of my knowledge, the only edit changed "Charles Rive White Geese" to "Charles River white geese."

The letter was printed as "Good job, Chronicle, good job." He printed two other responses to the Reeves article. Roy Bercaw was kind enough to suggest, in the spirit of Reeves comments, a public expansion of the brothel business in Cambridge.


Cambridge Chronicle

I strongly appreciated the juxtaposition of your two lead articles in the November 30, 2006, Cambridge Chronicle:

“YWCA fire leaves 110 homeless” and “Reeves: Let’’s get the party started.” [Ed: Reeves is the Mayor / City Council Chair in Cambridge.]

Elsewhere in the paper is a report on the DCR [Ed: Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Department of Conservation and Recreation, the owners of large amounts of open space in Cambridge, MA including the Charles River] prettying up but not correcting very real problems with portions of Alewife.

Not mentioned in the paper was a report just issued in which the City of Cambridge once again proposes to destroy the core of the habitat of the Charles River White Geese in the last remaining relatively undeveloped part of the Charles River .

You have, deliberately or otherwise, placed the key problem of the City of Cambridge right where it belongs: the City Council.

The truly offensive reality in the City of Cambridge is that we have a inhumane government working with an inhumane state bureaucracy to further goals which are strikingly different from what the real goals of the city should be.

Not long ago, a group of friends of the Department of Conservation and Recreation wandered about Alewife reservation picking up “trash.” They then tut-tutted in the Chronicle about all the belongs of the homeless they had confiscated. Your predecessor printed my response.

On the Charles River , the DCR took a poll. The poll said that most people do not think the Charles River needs improvement.

So the City of Cambridge and nine city councilors are finding more and more ways to indulge in cruelty to the Charles River White Geese.

So the DCR and the City of Cambridge are spending millions destroying trees, wetlands and animal habitat both on the Charles and at Fresh Pond.

So the DCR and Cambridge are doing "improvements" on the Charles River which will install poisons into a relatively clean environment.

So the DCR and the City of Cambridge are spouting pieties about swimming in the Charles River while destroying wetlands and starving animals to wall off the Charles from Magazine Beach with designer bushes that have no business on the Charles River .

And Reeves is quoted as saying “Let’s get this party started.”

I thought your predecessor as editor did a good job.

I find your juxtaposition on the front page very appropros.

Don't look at the tragedies, don't look at our destructiveness, look at out parties!!!!

Keep up the good work.