Saturday, December 23, 2006

Report from Magazine Beach; Another Good Guy - Trader Joe's

1. Report from Magazine Beach.
a. The River.
b. Destruction moves forward.
2. Another Good Guy.

Bob La Trémouille reports

1. Report from Magazine Beach.

a. The River.

I visited Magazine Beach and its neighbors today.

The weather was a steady drizzle, a significant improvement over the drenching the area took last night.

Once again, the Charles River White Geese were missing.

I think they sense the outrageous further destruction coming. They have been subjected to nearly two years of total denial of their food, followed by a period in which part of their food has been allowed back to them.

Now they sense the further massive destruction and it is too much.

I started walking up the shore on the fancy walk which is steadily washing into the Charles.

I suddenly saw what looked to me like two geese about three quarters of the way up the shore to the rise which signals the rest of the Magazine Beach area.

I got a better look at their faces and realized that one was wagging his tail.

It was Andrake and Daffney, the Charles River White Ducks.

The sickos from the Charles River Conservancy have destroyed a major part of their habitat because the Sickos have contempt for rivers. They want the Charles River to look like part of a college campus, not like a river, and to H---- with the animals, and to H---- with our back yard.

Andrake and Daffney saw me and swam further out from the shore line. Their four mallard duck friends have left. They are exploring by themselves and looking for cover and for food.

b. Destruction moves forward.

Further work has been done on the staging area at the top of the hill to the west. Boards have been brought in and have been strapped around THOSE TREES on top of the hill.

Still no protections in the construction zone where the luscious grass of Magazine Beach is about to be destroyed. The silly pink flags still adorn the CREATED area which memorializes the wetlands destroyed by the Cambridge, MA City Council and the state bureaucrats.

2. Another Good Guy.

I stopped by the Trader Joe's across the way from Magazine Beach.

I realized that the mural behind the cashier's area included a painting of the Charles River White Geese in the goose meadow. I commended the cashier and bagger. The bagger commented that he frequently feeds them and wondered why they stopped visiting Magazine Beach. I explained to him, including the truly sick nature of the Cambridge City Council and the local state bureacrats.

I understand that Trader Joe's is another company providing greens to the Charles River Urban Wilds Institute for feeding and defending against the sickness of the Cambridge City Council and the state bureacrats.

They are to be commended for both.

It is always amazing how much fresher the air is when you get away from Cambridge, MA City Hall.