Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Charles River White Ducks find a new lair

Bob La Trémouille reports:

I have frequently reported on the status of the Charles River White Ducks, Andrake and Daffney.

They were abandoned at Magazine Beach last summer on the day before our memorial for Bumpy the leader of the gaggle, on the fifth anniversary of his very political killing. During the celebration a sick alleged human being loosed his dog on them. I saved the two. I used the dog as a football when he had his teeth on Andrake's neck.

Bill Naumann taught them what the Charles River was for. He backed into the Charles River while feeding them. They followed him and were overjoyed by their discovery of the Charles River. They established a lair under vegetation on the south side which has since been destroyed by sickos from the Charles River Conservancy.

I was very pleased today to get the impression that they have a new lair. It looks very safe and could be a good place for baby ducks to hatch.


Caveat: I have been putting out reports on the Charles River since March 2000 when the Charles River White Geese returned to the Destroyed Nesting Area to learn that sickos from Boston University had destroyed in on behalf of the DCR/MDC.

My reports since then, combining email newsletters and this blog, have easily exceeded 700.

One thing I have always done is realize that there are truly reprehensible people in this world: Boston University, the state bureaucrats, the Cambridge City Council, and loads of people who are either pulling their strings or having their strings pulled.

Given this truly belligerent, but very destructive, minority, I have been extremely careful about divulging information which could lead to harm to the animals of the Charles River if the wrong sicko got that information.

I am not going to say any more about the new location of the lair of the Charles River White Ducks.

Thank you.