Monday, February 19, 2007

Flooding of Innocent Victims - Reality impacts Harvard's Application for Sainthood

Bob La Trémouille reports:

I have recently quoted a number of comments about Harvard University in a report quoting extensively from the Cambridgeport (Cambridge) listserve.

The following is a report today from the Riverside (Cambridge) listserve. I have added paragraphing and nothing else.

The Mahoney's site is just west of Western Avenue across Memorial Drive from the Charles River. The neighborhood got shafted with an outrageous upzoning to maximize Harvard's development potential there. Key people in the shafting sounded tremendously like the people I was calling "Bad Guy 1" and "Bad Guy 2" in my report.

Riverside Place is between Western Avenue and the part of the project Lawrence is mostly mentioning. Actually, the Harvard project is on both sides of Western Avenue


From Lawrence Adkins:

Today I was with the Ashe Family who has ran into some bad luck.

This is the family living on Riverside Place Street, directly behind the former Mahoney site. The home on the street is flooded with 3 ft. of water in there basement.

They called Ed Laflore (Harvard mitigation manager) to be told that when he gets to work on Tuesday he will see what can be done. If you recall some of our concerns were the lack of proper drainage due to the ADA cross walks, this trapped the rain water on the entire street. The Ashes' are renting a pump to get the water out of the basement.

I did call Tom Lucey (Harvard Director of Community Relations), only able to leave a message. Someone from the University told the Ashes they did have access to a pump.

This is strange with the university having their power station directly across the street.