Wednesday, March 21, 2007

White Goose Song from The Netherlands

Phil Barber reports as follows, Bob La Trémouille passing on with capitalization edits only, and responding as stated at the end:

1. Report from the Netherlands.
2. Phil Barber.
3. Your Editor.

1. Report from the Netherlands.

Hi Phil,

This morning at Dutch time, I published my third song for the album 'songs for fairy tails' called ' White Goose'.

The song is hidden under the word white goose. I have some errors running on my website,and don't know where to look. Some things may not work properly, sorry for that.if you like to hear the song without my voiceyou can listen to it at this location.

Thanx for the image and best regards,

Ferrie (artist name is differentieel)

2. Phil Barber.

Hi Bob

Hope this finds you well. A fellow in the Netherlands (!) asked me for permission to use a photo of our friends on his Website, so their fame is spreading. Here's a copy of the e-mail he sent me, with address and particulars.

All the best,

3. Your Editor.

Thank you very much, Phil.

I have checked out the website. The photo is excellent.

I am not in a position to listen, but I will add your communication to the blog, along with a link. I think that would be ok with everybody.

Copying Elizabeth, among others, with a request that she add a link on the website.

Making the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association principal addressee to pass on this news through them. This is a very nice reaction, and a very common reaction in truly Green circles.