Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fliers Available in PDF

Bob La Trémouille Reports:

The most recent visibility included one pleasant surprise.

One lady informed me that she had received our flier at her door. Trouble is we have not gone door to door with that flier.

Clearly, somebody got a flier from us, copied it and has distributed it.

People are soo good on these issues and soo supportive, it is impossible for us to fully comprehend all the materials which are on the street.

I have all three fliers we are currently distributing in PDF format. I would be pleased to provide these PDF files to interested friends.

Available are:


1. Cambridge / state Pols and Bureaucrats are at it again on the Charles River.

This is the main flier, telling people about the imminent destruction of the grass and earth at Magazine Beach for replacement by grass, dirt and poisons.

2. DCR poll: Most people think no improvements are needed on the Charles River.

This fact sheet provides an 18 point bulleted list of environmental destruction on the Charles River in the past 10 years by the city and state pols and bureacrats.

It is normally printed back to back with number 3, but that is not necessary.

3. Cambridge / state pols and bureaucrats are implementing a 19th Century "Environmentalism".

Definitely the prettiest flier of the three. Features graphics of a tree, goose, chipmunk, possum, rabbit, raccoon, squirrel and heron. All are threatened by the vile Cambridge and state pols and bureacrats.

This flier, with 15 bulleted counts, provides a brief summary of major items of environmental destruction in Cambridge.

It is normally printed back to back with number 2, but that is not necessary.


It would be best to communicate with me on these items at my personal email address, boblat@yahoo.com.

Thanks in advance.