Thursday, July 26, 2007

Michael Vick and the Cambridge and MA Pols and Bureaucrats

Bob La Trémouille reports:

Michael Vick, a National Football League quarterback, has been indicted on felony counts related to dog fighting with pit bulls.

I received an email from Grey2K at about the same time I heard of the indictment. Grey2K is an excellent organization dedicated to ending dog racing. They consider that sport abusive of greyhounds, animals who are lovely beings, much like properly raised pit bulls.

Reports in the press indicate severely injured pit bulls as a result of Mr. Vick’s operations. Other reports indicate his ordering the killing of pit bulls who did not fight up to his standards.

In the City of Cambridge, MA, we have large scale animal abuse by the state and local government: starvation is considered normal treatment of beings living in the wild parts of Cambridge who are on the receiving end of government action destroying their homes as part of bizarre and commonly large scale government projects.

We have the strikingly bizarre position that the bastards are heartlessly starving beautiful, valuable animals, while loudly saying they are not “harming” them. In their sick minds, starving them is not harming them. Correction, not even these people have such sick minds. They are just lying.

The most important difference between the accusations against Mr. Vick and very clear behavior by Cambridge and state pols and bureaucrats, in my opinion, is that Cambridge and state pols and bureaucrats loudly call themselves pro-environment. In short, the important difference is belligerent hypocrisy.

There is a secondary difference of importance: the abuse and mistreating of children by the Cambridge and state pols and bureaucrats. This is a matter of truly reprehensible behavior, in both cases, by role models. And thus bending the twig to become as reprehensible as the role models.

In the case of the pit bulls, the behavior accused of Mr. Vick was fairly secretive. In the case of the reprehensible Cambridge and state pols and bureacrats, the behavior is very, very public from people who loudly proclaim themselves holier-than-thou.

Frankly, Mr. Vick looks a heck of a lot less reprehensible than do the Cambridge, MA and state pols and bureaucrats.

But then again, there is a major matter of a rape and murder of a young woman by one of the people apparently egged on by the environmental destructiveness of Cambridge and state pols and bureaucrats combined with a wink and a nod when he started off attacking the Charles River White Geese.

This is an excellent example of truly vile results of “leaders” who are unfit to lead.

They observed repeated very vile attacks on animals. They were begged to stand up to the reprehensible behavior.

They were warned that people who do these terrible things graduate to human beings.

When their protege graduated, the Cambridge City Council spent an extended period of time discussing the rape and murder and DID NOT WANT TO KNOW where it occurred, exactly where he had been killing geese with a wink and a nod from sick pols and bureaucrats.

The rape and murder is another situation in which the National Football League is one heck of a lot more responsible than the City of Cambridge and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The National Football League has suspended Vick. The City of Cambridge and state pols and bureaucrats run around calling themselves holier-than-thou, and look to see what further vile thing they can do.

And the governor of Massachusetts?