Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Visibilities at the BU Bridge, numbers 353 and 354

Marilyn reports:

There were lots of drivers and pedestrians, even some cyclists, taking the flyers Monday and Tuesday, July 16 and 17, at the BU Bridge. There was a good number of thumbs-up as people drove by.

Some people who stopped to talk were mystified why anyone would want the project there. Others commented that it was the usual cynical stuff.

I try to tell people, briefly, that we've paid almost $4 billion to clean up the Charles River (this is the figure I got from the Charles River Watershed Association) and now Cambridge taxpayers are paying $1.5 million to pollute the river at Magazine Beach.

Chemical runoff from the 6 acres of commercial sod at the Ebersol Red Sox Fields at Lederman Park caused the algae bloom last August and September. Now Cambridge will be installing 7 acres of the same at Magazine Beach. We'll have astronomical algae blooms even farther upriver every year if Cambridge gets its way.

And our water rates that include the costs of the Charles River cleanup have just gone up.