Thursday, November 01, 2007

What happens to the White Geese in the Winter? Plus election recommendation.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

We got the following very appropriate question in email. Here is the question and a slightly cleaned up answer:

1. Please let me know what happens to the White Geese in the winter. Thanks!

2. Response:

The Charles River White Geese lived in freedom on the Charles River for 23 years, from 1981 to 2004 when the state and Cambridge pols and bureaucrats started to deliberately starve them.

They have goose down jackets and survive cold temperatures quite happily.

Winter extremes are the reason free animals including the CRWG stuff themselves during the good parts of the year, so that they can survive the winter with its lack of food.

Many friends would visit them during the off year with cracked corn, bread and veggies to help, as we did during the good times of the year.

When the DCR started starving the geese, the DCR explained that they did not consider starving them to be harming them.

Since the starvation attacks started, concerned people have aggressively been feeding the Charles River White Geese, and local charities have contributed day old greens, of great value.

These contributions have been necessary because we are dealing with PROUDLY reprehensible people, although the DCR spent years insisting they would do no harm to the CRWG.

We have found that our prior feedings were very much supplemental. We have found that the principal food was the grass at Magazine Beach and across from the Hyatt, all of which were taken away at once.

In the feedings, we and, more recently, a separate feeding organization carefully balanced the CRWG’s diet. Full feedings now continue year round.

If you are a Cambridge resident, please be advised that heartless individuals include each and every current city council incumbent. The conservation committee member who is a candidate, Samuel Sidel, could reasonably be considered worse.

The ONLY Cambridge City Council Candidate that I am aware of who has shown herself fit to be voted for is Kathy Podgers.