Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Con Game on the Charles from Cambridge City Councillor Craig Kelley

Bob La Trémouille reports:

Cambridge City Councillor Craig Kelley got elected to Cambridge City Council the first time by presenting himself as a meaningful environmental activist.

He played the same game that all the Cambridge Pols and the rest of the hypocrites on the Cambridge City Council do:

Do as I say, not as I do.

In Cambridge that translates into non-stop destruction of that part of the world that only they can destroy while loudly yelling about anything and everything other than their own so reprehensible behavior.

Kelley has discovered the Charles River. Kelley has spent years not wanting to know about Cambridge and the state's consistently reprehensible behavior on the Charles River.

Kelley does not want to know about the 449 to 660 trees slated for destruction by the DCR between Magazine Beach and the Longfellow Bridge, including every single cherry tree.

Kelley does not want to know about the heartless abuse of the Charles River White Geese or the more than three year starvation attack on them by Cambridge and the DCR.

Kelley does not want to know about the bizarre, inexcuseable destruction going on at Magazine Beach which is schedule to get much worse.

Kelley does not want to know about the poisoning of the Charles River AND THE LOCAL WILDLIFE by the dumping of poisons BY THE STATE AND, SOON TO COME, BY HIM on the lands abutting the Charles.

Kelley does not want to know that, in a project strikingly similar to HIS project at Magazine Beach, the Charles River was poisoned by the State from the harbor to the Mass. Ave. Bridge.

Kelley's only comment on the outrage at Magazine Beach came when he learned that a bridge connecting Magazine Beach to the other side of Memorial Drive had been damaged. He specifically said that that FINALLY he had him something to complain about at Magazine Beach. After the destruction of the wetlands, after the heartless starvation, after the bizarre blocking of access between the Charles River and the playing fields, after the destruction of the animal habitat.

Now, Kelley has heard there is something dirty in the Charles near the side facing Magazine Beach of the Longfellow Bridge. Kelley has no reason to think that HE OR HIS BUDDIES might be causing that mess.

So Kelley brought the problem up at Monday's City Council meeting.

What about his own poisoning?

What about all the trees BEHIND HIM, as he stands by the Longfellow Bridge which are slated by the DCR for wasteful destruction as he looks at the dirt HE HOPES somebody else did?

Kelley does not want to know about that.



Kelley has found something to defend against on the Charles River.

That something could very likely be the results of the POISONING of Ebersol Fields on the other side of the Longfellow bridge and the south side of the Charles River, POISONING BEING FOLLOWED UP WITH BY POISONING SOON TO COME AT MAGAZINE BEACH WITH KELLEY PAYING THE BILL.

But Kelley does not want to know that.