Thursday, May 08, 2008

Censorship in Cambridge, MA - Cambridge Chronicle letter

Bob La Trémouille reports:

1. Letter in Cambridge Chronicle.
2. Apparent response by bad guys.

1. Letter in Cambridge Chronicle.

The following letter was printed in the May 1, 2008, Cambridge Chronicle minus the paragraph starting with "Nine heartless animal abusers." The entire letter was printed on line, from which this copy is taken.


Cambridge -

The city recently started fining people for posting notices on lampposts.The city of Cambridge and Harvard University are exempt from the fines. Signs have gone up on the BU Bridge announcing “sidewalk improvements.” Typical DCR lies.

The “sidewalk improvements” include major destruction in the last remaining habitat of the Charles River white geese — their nesting area in which they are currently nesting.

Nine heartless animal abusers on the Cambridge City Council and School Committee member McGovern are imminently destroying the food of the Charles River white geese at Magazine Beach by digging up all seven acres, creating a wasteland in order to replace green maintenance with chemical maintenance.

Censorship of fliers is no coincidence.

The only thing that has been consistent on the Charles River has been lies and suppression of the truth.

These vile people will not behave in a manner consistent with their holier-than-thou pieties, so they are shutting people up.


2. Apparent response by bad guys.

The bad guys apparently responded by submitting an extended piece yelling about the Mirant power plant. It is in the Cambridge Chronicle on line. I do not know if it made today's edition of the paper.

When I refer to non-stop lies, I refer to a pattern of lying using an incredible variety of techniques.

One of the techniques is to change the subject and misdirect from the problem.

Mirant is cleaning up their act. Cambridge and the DCR are aggressively destroying the Charles River environment.

So the bad guys, friends of the DCR and Cambridge, do not want to hear about Cambridge and the DCR, they yell about Mirant.