Tuesday, June 03, 2008


1. Context.
2. Jury Order.
3. Reality.
4. The Cambridge Pols and Reality.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

1. Context.

The City of Cambridge has a massive internal lobby which runs around making all sorts of lovely but ultimately false generalizations about the government and its City Councilors.

The most outrageous statements claim that these people are pro-environment and pro-civil rights.

They indulge in frequently reprehensible behavior.

They take the outrageous action and then refuse to discuss it, while making loud and very general proclamations about themselves which are the opposite of the behavior.

The heartless treatment of the Charles River White Geese, to the extent they will allow any discussion, is dismissed in ways which translate as:


How dare you mention my treatment of these animals. These are the little guy. How dare you object to my mistreatment of the little guys.


Similarly, the treatment of Kathy Podgers get a related explanation:


That is just one person. How dare you expect me to treat one person’s civil rights with respect.


Kathy Podgers has now obtained two findings of probable cause of discrimination against these bastards at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.

They brag about treatment of Blacks and gays, but Blacks and gays are well-organized powerful lobbies in Cambridge, MA.

Civil rights is about respecting the rights of the little guy.

2. Jury Order.

Last week’s Cambridge Chronicle (May 29, 2008) headlined a jury award against Cambridge, MA for civil rights violations.

The plaintiff, a former department head, complained that she was singled out for mistreatment for grounds that constituted violation of state and federal civil rights .

The first jury trial found no basis for this claim.

The second jury trial found violation of her civil rights because of RETALIATION against the plaintiff for filing the basic claim.

The jury award slightly over $ 1 million in damages, and added an additional $ 3.5 million in punitive damages.

That $ 3.5 million in punitive damages is simply the jury’s way of communicating to the City of Cambridge that the City of Cambridge is a very reprehensible entity.

This is not surprising.

Cambridge keeps itself going internally by its massive internal lobbying arm, the Cambridge Pols, who run around saying lovely false things about this very destructive city government. The governmental and elected people do not want to know reality. All they want to know is what the Cambridge Pols are saying.

The jury very clearly hopes that the $ 3.5 million will communicate reality to the nine members of the Cambridge City Council.

3. Reality.

My feeling based on years of observation is that there is too often a feeling that if you want me to obey the clear requirements of law, sue me.

If you want me to be environmentally responsible, sue me.

One clear example of this mentality is the flat out refusal of the Cambridge Election Commission to obey the recent Jack E. Robinson decision based on the “opinion” of the Cambridge City Solicitor.

Another excellent example is the outrageous environmental destruction which is normal when the City of Cambridge does public works projects. Altogether too often, the first thing they do is destroy healthy trees.

Another excellent example is the “opinion” supposedly given by the Cambridge City Solicitor informing of legal requirements needed to be satisfied to protect the pittance of undestroyed open space in the Public Library area. I have gone into this extensively.

4. The Cambridge Pols and Reality.

The Cambridge Pols are not at all concerned about reality. They will just run around singing the praises of these bastards.