Monday, June 16, 2008

Environmental Sickos Destroy More Vegetation

1. Bob La Trémouille reports.
a. Use of agents by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.
b. Nature heals, DCR / agents destroy.
c. Sidewalk work.
2. Marilyn responds.

1. Bob La Trémouille reports.

a. Use of agents by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Over the years, the Department of Conservation and Recreation has educated us on the many very varied techniques in lying.

One of their biggest techniques is environmental destruction through their agents. The most destructive agent in the last six years would appear to be the environmentally reprehensible Charles River Conservancy.

These people, on behalf of the DCR, have poisoned the eggs of as much waterfowl as they can get away with over the period. These bastard, on behalf of the DCR, have routinely destroyed protective ground vegetation through the lower part of the Charles River. Twice a year, they proudly destroy the ground vegetation used as cover by migrating birds.

The DCR's explanation: they are not doing that, it is their agent who is doing that. Naturally, they neglect to mention the agency angle.

In October 1999, Boston University, acting as the DCR's agent, destroyed all the vegetation in the Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese and replaced it with grass, along with a stupid path that promptly washed into the Charles.

b. Nature heals, DCR / agents destroy.

Since then, nature regained its own and a beautiful natural habitat returned.

However, during the sick reign of the CRC, ground vegetatation has been steadily destroyed and, inasmuch as the ground cover quite consistently has not returned, rather clearly, poisons have been applied to the ground.

Vegetation was first destroyed under the trees toward the railroad.

Vegetation has been destroyed under the trees toward the river.

Massive amounts of vegetation have been destroyed under the trees on the other side of the railroad track.

All this is animal habitat, DESTROYED.

c. Sidewalk work.

The plans for the sidewalk "improvements" showed destruction of the half of the nesting area toward the on ramp to Memorial Drive.

During the fall and winter, vehicles tramped down vegetation toward the BU Bridge and toward the off ramp.

That vegetation formerly was brambles.

This spring it was replaced with dirt by removing the brambles and replacing them, as usual, with nothing.

The DCR, as usual, promises all sorts of lovely things while they are destroying.

It looks like the destroyed brambles toward the BU Bridge are used for parking to access a barge in the Charles which is part of the sidewalk project.

Really sick people. Really sick liars.

Really, really destructive.

2. Marilyn responds.

In general the retreat of the plants is alarming and horrible. It's in contrast to the true wall of plants that block access to and from the water at Magazine Beach. The DCR has been so sanctimonious about the need for uninterrupted access to the river and here, at MBeach, it is happy to eliminate it.

I remembered the DCR's consultant for the Charles River Master Plan saying several years ago that at Herter West the plants were so thick you didn't know you were by the water. This was a patent lie, as any walk along the riverside path there will show.

What would he say about the DCR and Cambridge's handiwork at Magazine Beach, where you literally cannot see the water for almost the entire the length of the riverside walk? Maybe someone 6'1" or 6' 2" could see over the plants, but I certainly couldn't.