Sunday, July 13, 2008

Update on Environmental Destruction by DCR

Bob La Trémouille reports:

The state's Department of Conservation and Recreation has contempt for the environment with which it is charged.

This contempt is demonstrated by the horribly irresponsible large projects but also by season to season destruction of vegetation which has the nerve to look like nobody paid to put it in. They pay contractors to put in irresponsible nonsense. And they destroy valuable protective vegetation through agents as well.

The bizarre wall of green which blocks off the Charles from Magazine Beach is far more intrusive than the stuff they spend massive amounts of work destroying, but the stuff they destroy has not been planted by generous contributors.

As part of the destruction of protective native vegetation everywhere on the Charles, these people have been destroying ground vegetation at the nesting area of the Charles River White Geese, piece by piece.

They started destroying ground vegetation toward the railroad tracks, then toward the Charles and then on the far side of the railroad tracks. Very little has returned. They have to be tossing on poisons as well.

The very visible parts of the nesting area have been spared the depravity of the DCR and its agents until this last off season.

We had deep brambles which held the soil together and which were used for nesting protection.

During the off season, contractors / the DCR had trucks in the nesting area preparing for the current projects. The trucks trampled vegetation. This spring, the DCR’s agents destroyed the vegetation which had been trampled.

If the vegetation had been let be, it would have healed itself, but the DCR’s agents found the situation offensive, so they dug up the crushed vegetation and exposed the dirt below.

We used to have a narrow path through the brambles from the corner of the BU Bridge and the Memorial Drive onramp. DCR’s sickos massively widened that path in the direction toward the BU Bridge. The damage created is unrepaired by nature. The destruction by the DCR’s agents is just dirt now.

The main brambles were untouched to the east of the path by the contractors’ trucks. The area away from the path, to the east, was damaged. The DCR’s sickos destroyed that vegetation.

Some vegetation has aggressively regrown, along the eastern edge of the brambles destroyed by the DCR’s sickos. The regrowth is quite limited and there is a lot of possible dirt where brambles have been dug up.

I walked the nesting area. I see a tiny amount of ground vegetation has returned under the trees toward the tracks.

In the last day or so, a very large tree has toppled next to the BU Bridge, not far from the Charles River. Its limbs are fully leaved, and it is lying on dirt / desolation created by the DCR’s sickos in past years.

The tree is still connected to the ground although toppled. It could very easily, I would think, survive and grow healthily.

This could be an improvement, but we are dealing with environmentally reprehensible people. Very certainly the DCR’s sickos will destroy the tree and destroy the ground on which it is lying, as they did with the brambles which were crushed during the off season.

We are dealing with really destructive people, environmentally reprehensible state and city governments.