Friday, August 01, 2008

Cambridge, MA: A Primer on What Passes for Environmentalism

Bob La Trémouille reports:

A week ago, the Cambridge Chronicle printed a letter to the editor objecting to a new park being built in the eastern end of Central Square.

Yesterday, July 31, 2008, they printed the following response from me with consolidation of a number of paragraphs:


The Columbia - Main Park project is highly unusual from the Cambridge City Council in that, as far as I know, it does not feature wanton environmental destruction.

Extreme bad examples are:

Fresh Pond where a massive number of HEALTHY trees are being destroyed because they are in the way of saplings.

Explanation: Golly gee, won't it look nice!!! Besides, we don't count trees we destroy. We only count trees we plant.

Magazine Beach pending: Destruction of GREEN maintenance to replace it with CHEMICAL maintenance. The prototype is Ebersol Fields near Mass. General. The chemicals did not work so the DCR dumped Tartan. The next day the Charles was dead from the harbor to the Mass. Ave. Bridge and the results of the poisoning recur every year.

The chemicals have the side effect of poisoning feeding birds and destroying their eggs.

Explanation: Golly gee, won't it look nice!!!

Magazine Beach accomplished: Wetlands and animal habitat destroyed to wall off the Charles River with a bizarre wall of bushes.

Explanation? The developer funded Charles River Conservancy conducted a swim in to celebrate blocking off swimming. Some of the usual types say you have to be crazy to call this bizarre wall of bushes bizarre.

Simultaneously with blocking all of the waterfront at Magazine Beach, Cambridge put up a wall blocking off access to the grass at the Hyatt.

One hundred percent denial of their food to the Charles River White Geese.

Explanation: The DCR repeatedly denies intent to harm. They say that starving them is not harming them.

Or you might want to talk to some of these supposedly environmental groups containing friends of the city council / city manager. They do not want to know nothing.

So, live sweet. Ask any one of your beloved city councilors.

They will brag that they are pro-environment.

They are just shocked if you look at the environment. They want you to look at their lovely buildings and their lovely saplings.

The best thing that could happen to the environment in Cambridge would be for the $4.5 million CIVIL RIGHTS JURY judgment against the City Manager to go final.

That might force nine extremely bad city councilors to fire the Cambridge City Manager.