Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sarah Palin would love Cambridge, MA and the state bureaucrats

The following letter was sent by Bob La Trémouille to a number of recipients. Sarah Palin is the Republicans' candidate for vice president. She is currently governor of Alaska:


Sarah Palin, who mocked Senator Obama at the Republican convention, would have a field day with the City of Cambridge and its friends. She would love the frequently heartless behavior in the fields of civil rights and the environment.

Very quickly the city council will have to choose between firing the city manager or appealing a $4.5 million jury decision. $3.5 million of that decision is penal. The jury found that the city manager fired a black woman head of the Police Review Board in retaliation for her filing a civil rights complaint.

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination has twice now found probable cause of discrimination in the city council’s attempt to keep a handicapped woman from using her guide dog.

The city’s "environmentalism" includes destroying what appears to be thousands of healthy trees at Fresh Pond. Healthy mature trees are being destroyed so the city council can plant saplings. The city council brags of its saplings but keeps tree destruction secret.

Monday, September 8, the Cambridge Conservation Commission will decide whether to authorize the destruction of the final part of the habitat of the Charles River White Geese.

The rest of the habitat has already been destroyed for them and their food taken away from them.

The key bureaucrat in the Department of Conservation and Recreation calls this "doing no harm" to them. He has repeatedly made that assertion since state attacks against animals and native vegetation on the Charles started in October 1999.

DCR agents now routinely destroy the eggs of as much water fowl as they can get away with on the Charles River.

DCR agents, twice a year, destroy protective vegetation needed by migrating waterfowl on the Charles River, while omitting destruction of the bizarre wall of vegetation planted at Magazine Beach.

The DCR and Cambridge are destroying green maintenance at Magazine Beach for chemical maintenance. At Ebersol Fields, the DCR followed up with Tartan. They poisoned the Charles from the harbor to the Mass. Ave. bridge.

"Environmental protection" in the zoning ordinance is too often anything but. Let us not forget the zoning change which was claimed to protect green space between the Radisson Hotel and Memorial Drive. Secret fine print did exactly the opposite.

Sarah Palin would love Cambridge. The holier than thous are so commonly flat out hypocrisy that Cambridge is the Republicans’ holy grail in their fight against liberalism.