Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Visibility 364. Destruction of Magazine Beach: Reports by Bob La Tremouille and Marilyn Wellons

1. Visibility.
2. White Geese cross the street.
3. Marilyn Wellons on her discussion with Councillor Kelley.

Bob La Trémouille reports about leafleting at the BU Bridge against Cambridge's destruction of Magazine Beach, now underway. Marilyn Wellons reports about her conversation with Councillor Craig Kelley on the same topic.

Bob La Tremouille:

1. Visibility.

I did a visibility at the Destroyed Nesting Area for an hour or two this afternoon.

People were very concerned and very interested. They would drive by with their hands out of their windows for fliers.

A couple of people who took fliers yesterday stopped by for further questions.

Clearly, a lot of support.

2. White Geese cross the street.

A little later than half way through the visibility, I looked back and saw a large number of geese crossing the ramp to Memorial Drive from grass under Memorial Drive to the Destroyed Nesting Area.

The state bureacrats and nine heartless Cambridge City Councilors have taken almost all their food away from them. So they brave crossing an on ramp to Memorial Drive to get to luscious grass under Memorial Drive.

They are excellently responsible pedestrians. They will stand on the side of the road and stand on the side of the road until they think it is safe to cross. Trouble is that when they cross, they walk like geese. This time, there were quite a few of them. So I wandered behind them, on the grass under Memorial Drive, and sushed them to move them faster. One straggler got separated. I sushed him, and he half flew.

And through all this, the drivers patiently waited because they love the Charles River White Geese. The drivers are normal people. They have no resemblance to the heartless people who constitute the Cambridge pols.

3. Marilyn Wellons on her discussion with Councillor Kelley.

When I spoke with Councillor Kelley Tuesday evening about Cambridge's destruction, he emphasized that he and other Councillors need to hear directly from people other than those of us who have been very vocal.

Whatever inclination Councillors may have to stop this crime against the environment—and it’s my sense that there is more than one with such an inclination—it’s a fact of politics that they can do nothing without a public outcry, communicated directly to them. They need our help to do the right thing.

So now is the time for all of us to let the Council know directly that the project must stop immediately:

It is a crime against the environment that destroys wetlands and will undo $60 million spent so far to clean up the Charles River.

It squanders Cambridge taxpayers’ money that should put playing fields for Cambridge schools and youth groups in their own neighborhoods rather than across a 4-lane highway.

It destroys the habitat of migrating as well as resident waterfowl, including the Charles River White Geese.

Please contact the Cambridge City Council to register your strong objection to this project:

Mayor E. Denise Simmons
491-7435 (H) 349-4321 (W)

Vice Mayor Brian Murphy
492-7426 (H) 349-4280 (W)

Henrietta Davis
(617) 547-0877 (H) (617) 349-4280 (W)

Marjorie C. Decker
(617) 349-4280 (W)

Craig A. Kelley
(617) 354-8353 (H) (617) 349-4280 (W)

David P. Maher
547-7219 (H) 617-349-4280 (W)

Kenneth E. Reeves
(617) 661-1635 (H) (617) 349-4280 (W)

Sam Seidel
617-547-1067 (home) 617-349-4280 (work)

Timothy J. Toomey, Jr.
(617) 576-6483 (H) (617) 349-4280 (W)

Marilyn Wellons