Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cambridge Pols to Council: Save the world. Indifferent to city destruction of city.

Bob Reports:

1. Introductory.
2. Response sent to City Manager’s Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association listserve.
3. Call to action?

1. Introductory.

Below are an email announcing a city council vote sent over the City Manager’s Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association listserve and my response. My response has not yet been sent out.

Of interest is the naming of yet another “green” organization which somehow just does not want to know about ongoing environmental destruction by the City of Cambridge.

The “environmental” group sounds a lot like eight plus “environmental” city councilors and the Cambridge city manager.

Their definition of “environmental” is dramatically demonstrated by the ongoing destruction. You may also read the definition of “environmental” by the Cambridge Pols organization at

The opinion of judge and jury on the Cambridge City Government, “reprehensible,” may be read at:

2. Response sent to City Manager’s Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association listserve.

Sent Saturday, 5/9/09

If the councilors were serious about the world's climate and its environment, they have no further to go than their own behavior on the Charles River, at Fresh Pond, at Alewife and in the needless destruction of so many healthy mature trees in their various projects.

3. Call to action?

--- On Fri, 5/8/09, ___________ wrote:

Date: Friday, May 8, 2009, 8:51 PM

There is a policy order on the Cambridge City Council agenda this Monday evening (May 11) recognizing that there is a climate emergency and requesting the City Manager "to direct the appropriate city departments to increase the City's responses to a scale proportionate to the emergency and consistent with the city's own Climate Protection goals for 2010 and beyond." The full text is at http://www.cambridg k/PolicyOrder. cfm?item_ id=25054 Three Councillors have signed on - Marjorie Decker, Timm Toomey, and Henrietta Davis.

This comes out of a Green Decade/Cambridge initiative to ask the Council to recognize the climate emergency and mobilize the city to take appropriate action. It could be a huge opportunity - not only for a new level of action in Cambridge, but to have a much broader impact. We need to get the word out everywhere - to the public and to policy makers - that the climate crisis is now a global emergency and that we have a rapidly narrowing window in which to act if we are to have any chance of averting a runaway catastrophe.

We need as many people as possible to come to the Council meeting Monday evening to show that there is popular support for this resolution. Also, we want to get the Council to call a citywide hearing and not just pass this without meaningful follow-up. Please come if you can! Public comment starts a little after 5:30. If you want to get on the list to speak, you can call the City Council office Monday between 10 and 3 at 617-349-4280. Or you can sign up to speak when you get there. Or you can just come and not speak but show support by being there and by applauding the people who do speak.

Or if you can't come, you can email the entire Council on any item by using Council@Cambridgema .gov and the City Manager at healy@Cambridgema. gov.