Saturday, July 11, 2009

Publication Update

Bob reports:

The Cambridge Chronicle published my analysis of the DCR meeting as a highly featured op ed in their July 9, 2009 edition, top of the column, all six columns, opposite to the editorial page. The version published was my edit down to 800 words, essentially what I passed on to you a week ago.

The Chronicle underscored its good performance with the first letter printed below my oped. This was a letter from Jane Rich objecting to the use of poisons to fertilize a park in the central city and to fertilize Magazine Beach.

Jane calls the use of poisons in violation of a very clear Cambridge ordinance.

Reality is that the hypocrites in Cambridge do a lot of lying. Lovely ordinances which they violate at will are a very key part of their lying.

Reality is the Charles River. Reality is poisons, heartless animal abuse, and aggressive environmental destruction from hypocrites who claim to be Green and who claim to be decent human beings.