Thursday, September 17, 2009

Urgent: please contact Governor Patrick

Urgent appeal to contact Governor Patrick:

As of today, September 17, the Governor has not signed off on the DCR's Ch. 91 license for a BU Bridge stormwater system that unnecessarily destroys the goose meadow. Much of the clearing there has been for that system.

It could connect to the MWRA plant just west of the bridge in Cambridge instead of going through the goose meadow. The MWRA option is both physically and bureaucratically possible. The DCR however has chosen to use the stormwater system as an excuse for the habitat destruction we see.

Please contact Governor Patrick, to urge him NOT TO SIGN the Ch. 91 license that allows this destructive project to go forward:

telephone: 617-725-4005
e-mail form:

Marilyn Wellons