Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Geese at Amory Park: Victims of the Corruption on the Charles / the Globe Op Ed?

1. Introduction.
2. Annabel Osberg, June 7.
3. Michael Bukatin, June 8.
4. Summary.

1. Introduction.

We have been reporting on the outrageous environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse which are spinoffs of the environmental corruption at Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, plus the City of Cambridge, plus the fake groups associated with the two.

We have realized that the corruption which is so visible cannot possibly be limited to the Charles River.

Because of this, we have reported on the ongoing destruction of the Alewife Reservation with one of Cambridge’s fake environmental organizations leading the charge while claiming to be defending the reservation. We have gone into detail with regard to institutionalized lies used to destroy the Charles River and its animals.

We have also kept in contact with folks concerned about Amory Park in Brookline, a few blocks south of the Charles River.

Following are reports of interest:

2. Annabel Osberg, June 7.

Do you know anything about the Canada goose family that lived at Amory Park in Brookline? They had six goslings that hatched around April 24. I saw them every time I went to the park, but they disappeared around May 20th. The other park goers that I talked to were dismayed at their disappearance, as was I. I knew the father goose since last year.

3. Michael Bukatin, June 8.

Yes, we are all asking where that geese family disappeared.

Is it possible, that they just walked away, or is it true that
geese don't do that until the children can fly?


4. Summary.

I do not believe in coincidences, especially since the corrupt situation in Cambridge and on the Charles River constantly talks in contempt for the environment and claims that everything is a coincidence.

It would appear that nesting Canadas on the Charles have been attacked and destroyed. No direct evidence. A body which has disappeared combined with Marilyn’s observations.

And the Cambridge pols are celebrating environment destruction and heartless animal abuse on the Charles while censoring the bad stuff.

And the Boston Globe has published on op ed calling for the killing of Canada Geese.

And Annabel describes the male (drake) as a long time resident.

The truly sick situation in Cambridge is a situation where fake environmentalists have loudly proclaimed neutrality while CENSORING any and all communications of reality about the environmental destruction on the Charles River. These people, representing an organization created by the Cambridge City Manager are conducting a celebration of environmental destruction on the Charles River on Saturday. They call their behavior, censorship of destruction combined with celebration of destruction “neutrality.”

They also have created spinoffs which call themselves “environmental” but do not want to know about environmental destruction by the people who look like they are pulling the strings.

When dealing with the Cambridge City Manager’s front organizations, the only responsible comment is: “You can’t possibly be so stupid.”

Any and all reports on the Canada Geese at Amory Park would be appreciated. The best email is:

Thank you, and I envy so many of you who are not forced to live with the corruption in Cambridge, MA.