Thursday, June 16, 2011

Swimming on Magazine Beach?

A blog report on Cambridge Community Television’s site shows how the bad guys lie through omission and sucker in well intending people. (Caveat: I do a weekly show on the station. I have no knowledge of the writer.)

The people yelling the most about swimming on Magazine Beach have aggressively been preventing it. Then again, their friends claiming to be defending the Alewife reservation near the MBTA’s Alewife stop have just succeeded in the destruction of the core Alewife Reservation.

The most visible advocates are very consistently heartless supporters of animal abuse and environmental destruction when you are talking reality.

They conducted a “swim in” at Magazine Beach to celebrate the blocking off of Magazine Beach with bizarre introduced bushes which the lies say are “native” but most definitely are not native to the Charles River. Real native vegetation bordering on the Charles River is destroyed twice a year by the state but this bizarre stuff just keeps growing. In order to swim off Magazine Beach, it is absolutely necessary to chop down this irresponsible stuff but the “swimming advocates” would quite simply not dream of that.

The state’s manager brags that it starves the 30 year resident Charles River White Geese. This fits in with the state and Cambridge’s goals of killing off all animals residing on the Charles River Basin.

Also in the way of swimming is the poisons being dumped on Magazine Beach to keep alive sickly grass introduced when Cambridge and the state destroyed the healthy, responsible native grass which survived the better part of a century.

Large area of playing field have been destroy to drain off the poisons which should not be dumped on the banks of the Charles.

Solution: stop paying money for poisons, spread the seeds of the responsible native grasses which the “swimming advocates” destroyed.

Half truths with major lies through omission are the norm on the Charles River.

And you chop down the bizarre bushes like all the rest of the bordering vegetation, and replace poisons with responsible grass, then you can allow the Charles River White Geese to return to their home where they have fed most of the last 30 years.

But the “saviors”, in reality have contempt for the important things in our world.