Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A trophy for the Charles

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1. Archie’s Post.

Archie Mazmanian has provided the following. I have added paragraphing.


Derrick Z. Jackson's column in the Boston Globe on 7/2/11, available here:
titled "A trophy for the Charles - River once again hosts a native fish" was really positive news.

But contrast this wonderful effort to reestablish shad in our beloved Charles that may serve much of the long winding river (subject to working fish ladders) with the plight of the Charles River White Geese, a small gaggle, whose eggs had been sprayed in recent years to prevent hatching and their perpetuation. Cole Porter's "Let's Fall in Love" is a reminder that even shad do it: "think of shad roe."

But Commonwealth and Cambridge officials are hell bent on annihilating the Charles River White Geese in devious ways in their tiny habitat, demonstrating an utter lack of love.

2. Archie Comments further.

The whole point is the contrast regarding nature. Perhaps the shad are welcomed because they are silent although potentially millions in numbers, whereas the CRWG, much, much fewer in number, can still honk. It has been the visibility of the CRWG that attracted us and our children to them in nature. They should not be silenced, nor should we.
Archie Mazmanian