Monday, August 15, 2011

Sexual assault on the Charles River

WBZ radio is reporting a sexual assault on the Esplanade, the more heavily developed park on the Boston / south side of the Charles River. It apparently occurred at about 3 am on Sunday, August 14.

The report is that the victim is a 20 year old college student who stated she had been assaulted and thrown in the Charles River.

Details may be obtained at:

This is only the most recent attack on the Boston side of the Charles. The river bank in the area of the BU Bridge has signs warning of danger at night from rapes and muggings.

The violence on the south side of the Charles is yet another indication of problems with the individuals working for environmental destruction and animal abuse on the Charles River.

These destructive individuals are fighting to duplicate the mugging area and put it on the north side of the Charles River. They want to continue their heartless animal abuse, and they clearly support state and Cambridge’s goals to kill off all resident animals.

Plans, in addition to heartless animal abuse and encouraging muggings, would destroy hundreds of excellent trees between Magazine Beach and the Longfellow Bridge, attack historical bridges with this new highway, destroy wetlands, destroy animal habitat, and destroy portions of the Charles River itself.

But then again, the people fighting for this outrage recently conducted a “celebration” party of the environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse at Magazine Beach. They did this after censoring any comments about the environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse in a supposed public meeting presenting state / Cambridge plans for further destruction at Magazine Beach. They then neglected to tell people that they were celebrating environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse.

The censorship and flat out lying that the outrage at Magazine Beach deserves “celebration” combines with the violence and so many other outrages involved in the ongoing behavior of very destructive people on the Charles River.

They cannot get what they want honestly. So they lie through falsely named organizations, through censorship, and through key omissions and false claims. They declare that a destructive state bureaucracy and a destructive Cambridge City Council are something other than what they are. And that their plans are worthy of respect.