Sunday, September 04, 2011

Cambridge Day: city manager is key issue in council candidates forum.

Maybe I should start hanging around to see what goes on in these candidate nights, rather than just leafleting and running.

Cambridge Day reports a bunch of non incumbents talked about replacing the Cambridge city manager at the August 31 forum. They report two incumbents praising the city manager.

The strongest quoted comment was from Minka vonBeuzekom, “I feel there’s been a violation of that public trust.”

The trouble is that nobody, including vonB seemed to be interested in implementing the decision of the Superior Court judge and jury and the Appeals Court panel. The report includes nobody calling to fire him for malfeasance in office documented by appellate decision.

I will consider hanging around in the future, but with the strongest comment being vonB’s, I am not at all certain it is worth my time. Great words, typical Cambridge implementation. Too much more of the same.

Please see the full report at: