Friday, September 23, 2011

Photos of the 1997 (?) Flood at Alewife, 50 year flood, 2 year flood protections now to destroy the core reservation

On the facebook Charles River White Geese Page, we have had a good discussion on the pending, bizarre destruction of the core Alewife reservation for flood storage protection against two year floods with a massive parking lot directly across the street which could readily a very large multiple of the flood storage.

Logging and clear cutting is scheduled to start in October 2011 and take a month. A large number of Cambridge City Councilors are running for reelection claiming to be environmental saints.

Marilyn Wellons has been kind enough to respond as follows:

Marilyn Wellons 4:55pm Sep 23:

Here's a link to photos of the 1997? flood, before the Cook petition rezoned the Arthur D. Little parking lot to open space:

That was one of the two 50-year floods within the last 15 years.

Alewife Flood Photos
Parking Lot of Arthur D. Little (no longer in business) along the eastbound side of route 2, just