Tuesday, September 27, 2011

South Station Expansion Project, information link

When dealing with the situation in Cambridge, MA, USA, accurate information is always a lot more valuable than the stuff being passed around in Cambridge.

The Cambridge pols are fighting for commuter rail trains on the Grand Junction railroad line running under the BU Bridge through the nesting area of the Charles River White Geese, and passing through the eastern part of Cambridge with at grade crossings at a number of busy Cambridge Streets.

Worcester / Framingham commuter service currently goes to South Station. An excellent connection to the proposed Urban Ring Orange Line service has been assisted by the legislature’s subsidy to the rebuilding of Yawkey Station near Kenmore Station on the Green Line and near Fenway Park. Yawkey Station is on the line currently serving Framingham / Worcester.

The Cambridge Pols are putting out nonsense that moving “a few” (and then all) commuter trips from Framingham / Worcester to the Grand Junction is needed to expand service. They want that service to go to North Station via the Grand Junction.

The pols, as usual, just cannot understand that the expansion of South Station for the South Coast Rail Project will create ample room for expansion of Worcester / Framingham service without their silly and very destructive Grand Junction route.

Marilyn Wellons has been kind enough to provide the URL for the state documents on the South Station Expansion Project.


Thank you, Marilyn.