Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bar Michael Vick, How about Cambridge and the DCR?

The following is a copy of an exchange and several other postings on the facebook page.

I think Friend would prefer to be anonymous. I would be pleased to identify him/her should he/she change his/her mind. I am positive there were more comments but I cannot find them. If anybody wants to pass on the other comments, they are welcome.

1. Friend: Michael Vick purchases Parrot - should not be allowed to do so.

A. Comment 1.

This is worth posting more than once. Todd Marcuse of Birds Exotics just sold a Caique Parrot to Michael Vick!!!!! Please forward to everybody you know. He has already taken the picture down from his FB site.

B. Comment 2.

See Michael Vick in Birds Exotics who ended up purchasing a Caique Parrot from Todd Marcus. He must have been really desperate to sell to MV as he is going to lose a lot of business over this one.

2. Your Editor.

I see good reason why a lot of people have very major problems with Vick.

I do distinguish between Vick and Cambridge and the DCR, however. Vick has gone to jail and served time. Vick seems to be trying to claim that he has reformed.

Cambridge and the DCR do nothing of the sort. They have a long standing pattern of heartless animal abuse and massive environmental destruction combined with flat out holier than thou lies of environment sainthood.

The situation with regard to Vick is comparable to the Monteiro case, another situation which involves flat out lying of sainthood by Cambridge that they are saints on civil rights issues. In Monteiro, the Cambridge City Manager has been found civilly guilty of destroying a woman's life in retaliation for her filing a civil rights complaint. The jury said $3.5 million damages. The judge said "reprehensible." The appeals court panel said "ample evidence [of] outrageous actions."

Translation: The courts say that the Cambridge City Manager should be fired without his golden parachute and possibly without his pension. But a bad city council keeps him in office and gives no indication of firing him.

So Vick has served his time and looks like he is trying to reform. The Cambridge City Manager and City Council, on the contrary, are in the process of massive animal killings and have been deliberately starving the beautiful valuable Charles River White Geese for seven years.

I sympathize with the concerns for Michael Vick, but, in my very strong opinion, the key actors on the Charles and at Alewife are far beneath him.

3. Friend.

Vick can not reform as he wasn't punished properly. He was glorified by HSUS and they downplayed all that he did wrong. He is a murderer he has killed many dogs and is not the least bit sorry for it. Some of his dogs are still at best friends in utah trying to recover from the horrendous acts of MV. Nobody should sympathize with this cold blooded murderer. And now this idiot sold him a bird? What will he do when the bird bites him? Throw him up against the wall and break his neck?

4. Friend.

Anybody that deliberately kills animals whether it be by poisons, taking away their environment or fighting they all should be punished accordingly.

5. Your Editor.

Correction: The Monteiro jury said $3.5 million PENAL damages. Actual Damages were about $1.1 million. $8.3 million has been paid with likely cost to Cambridge in excess of $10 million.

And the animal pogrom at Alewife is still on track.

And the heartless animal abuse on the Charles with much more scheduled is still on track.

And their nonstop lies of sainthood on environmental issues has not missed a beat.