Thursday, December 08, 2011

Appeals Court considering case relevant to environmental destruction on Charles River

We are getting hits on this blog from Google News. I have hunted, but I am very bewildered where the link / post is.

Nevertheless, on hunting for the link, I found a very relevant report on Google News. It is relevant to the details of any possible firing of the Cambridge City Manager. The Cambridge City Manager is, of course, the source of the environmental destruction, combined with a unanimously bad city council.

The Salem News reports,, that the Appeals Court is considering whether a former Peabody police officer can be stripped of his pension for using the department computer to illegally access information about his fellow officers.

This cop’s misbehavior is one heck of a lot less than destroying the life of an employee in retaliation for the filing of a civil rights complaint. The Cambridge City Manager has resoundingly been found civilly guilty of destroying that woman’s life, with a strong concurrence from the Appeals Court.

I have been strongly in support of firing Healy for destruction of that woman’s life. Such a firing would automatically void his golden parachute, or, to be more exact, would make it inconceivable that he could save it in Court.

The very existence of this police officer case strongly indicates that stripping the Cambridge City Manager of his pension, as well, is an excellent idea, if Cambridge, MA had a responsible city council, which it emphatically does not.