Monday, January 16, 2012

Environmentally destructive “Conservancy” vows to fight on

1. General.
2. Mass Tree Destruction and Highway Initiatives on the Charles River.
3. Update on attempts at destruction.

1. General.

The destructive parties in Cambridge commonly fight for their ends through fake groups which give people the wrong impression of which side they are on.

The most recent example is the outrageous environmental destruction and mass animal killing in the Alewife reservation as part of supposed flood protection project which, upon close questioning, cannot achieve its stated ends. The project managers and friends do not want to know about the massive parking lot directly across the street, CambridgePark Drive which can achieve the flood control needs of Alewife.

Crucial in this destruction was a fake protective group which calls itself a protector of Alewife, and which spent 15 years telling well meaning people to look at everything except the totally avoidable destruction which has just been accomplished.

The correlative of this fake organization on the Charles River calls itself a Conservancy, and the use of the word “Conservancy” is a blatant lie.

This group, with major developer funding, including from Harvard, has been fighting for more than ten years for environmental destruction and the destruction of resident animals on the Charles River.

2. Mass Tree Destruction and Highway Initiatives on the Charles River.

The Charles River “Conservancy” was the lead in a fight for an outrageously irresponsible highway proposal in the Charles River and on its banks in Cambridge which would be built in the Charles under four historical bridges, the BU Bridge and bridges to its west, the River Street Bridge, and the Anderson Bridge plus under a pedestrian bridge between the last two bridges.

This outrageous proposal would increase the irresponsible environmental destruction at Magazine Beach, under the BU Bridge and in the goose meadow with corresponding increase in the heartless abuse of the valuable 30 year resident Charles River White Geese.

This proposal would be key in the decimation of an excellent 104 tree grove at the Memorial Drive split.

The highway proposal is key in the plans to destroy hundreds of trees between the BU Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge, the second bridge east of the BU Bridge.

This proposal would duplicate a small vehicle highway on the Boston side which sees overnight closings because of rapes and muggings.

Fortunately, responsible people have stepped in to interfere with the outrageously irresponsible City of Cambridge and Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Governor Patrick was provided with the DCR plans for the tree destruction as part of the DCR’s attempts to get Obama money for the tree destruction. The DCR was lying that all the trees were diseased. Their lie was proven by their own plans, filed with the City of Cambridge.

The irresponsible highway proposal was called “environmentally destructive” in a report by a joint committee of the Department of Transportation and Recreation and the DCR. Their report recommended against the new highway.

3. Update on attempts at destruction.

The fake “Conservancy” has not given up.

They have announced on their facebook page intention to conduct planning meetings to organize for their destructive efforts on the highway proposal in January and February.

They state: “CRC . . . will present the recommendations [of its organizing meetings] to Mass DOT at the 25% design presentation for the River Street and Western Avenue Bridge projects, anticipated for February.”

Their destructiveness is bad enough. The false name is even more outrageous.