Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Responsibility from the Cambridge Pols and State Bureacrats?

Ellen posted the following comment following up on my monkey report comments posted at


These folks need to take full responsibility for their actions instead of blaming the other guy. however the other guy needs to take responsibility for his actions as well. our government system has hit rock bottom IMO. they are the ones responsible for all this killing that goes on here in MA

Your Editor:

The situation from the City of Cambridge and its friends in the State Bureaucracy (primarily the Department of Conservation and Recreation) are viler than normal because of the nonstop lies of being "holier than thou" combined with the fake groups which run around telling folks to yell at the other guy and who lie through omissions that the Cambridge pols are decent folks.

The state bureaucrats expand on the problem. You go from a lot of sophisticated lying from the massive Cambridge Pol organization to a lot of flat out lying with the state bureaucrats.