Monday, June 18, 2012

Cambridge City Council and other Monteiro items from the view of a City Manager opponent.

1. Analysis of Cambridge City Council before the fact for Monday, June 18, 2012.
2. The reality in Cambridge, MA.

1. Analysis of Cambridge City Council before the fact for Monday, June 18, 2012.

The following analysis of the Cambridge City Council agenda for Monday, June 18, 2012, is from the same Kelley supporter I quoted not that long ago.


On the agenda are the city manager's after-the-fact requested appropriation of some $12M in surplus city funds to help pay for the $14M+ fiasco and a proposed order calling for a mild reprimand of the chief executive and a formal council apology for his behavior, plus a report on how to avoid similar problems in the future.

Some links:

Audio recording of Monday's Finance Committee meeting

Finance Committee's sloppy report on Monday's meeting (click on the agenda description for CR #4 to view the item and a link to City Manager Bob Healy's $12M funding request)

City clerk's sanitized agenda description of the proposed council order (click on the Policy Order #1 summary to view the actual item, which calls for a council reprimand of Healy and formal apology for his behavior)

Wicked Local / Cambridge Chronicle's wildly inaccurate account (June 15 "updated" version)

Cambridge Day's report (some errors)

[ed: very fancy linking. I hope and think I got it right.]

2. The reality in Cambridge, MA.

The reality is that Cambridge, MA, USA, has a belligerently corrupt city government and the writer is part of the corrupt situation.

The Cambridge City Manager leads the fake groups, which includes the writer, in lies of omission. The very existence of the fake groups is corruption.

The Cambridge City Manager for his belligerent lies of omission and his fake groups deserves to be fired, but the writer is an active part of the problem.

The outrage in the Monteiro case overwhelms the corruption which is the policy of lies of omission which extends to the fake groups.

Monteiro is a situation where

a. the Appeals Court has said the Cambridge City Manager is guilty of malfeasance in office, “ample evidence [of] outrageous misbehavior”

b. following on the Superior Court Judge, “reprehensible: behavior; and

c. jury, $1.1 million real damages, $3.5 million penal damages.

The fact that even supposedly belligerent opponents of the Cambridge City Manager will not listen to the Courts’ clear calls for firing the Cambridge City Manager for malfeasance says everything about the corrupt situation in Cambridge, MA, USA.

Only when the pious, indignant types admit they are part of the problem will Cambridge, MA, USA, stand a chance of cleaning up corrupt practices.