Monday, June 11, 2012

Residents of Charles River at Home in Spite of Corrupt destruction of environment and heartless animal abuse

I have had several reports on both sides of the situation on the Charles River.

It is an easier report to gripe at the outrages especially since Cambridge’s very belligerent corruption is so major a part of an outrageous situation.

Nevertheless, these beautiful beings continue to live as best they can in spite of a tiny minority of corruption entities who have a greatly disproportionate and bad impact on them.

The tradition of corrupt behavior is a very major part of the problem in Cambridge, MA, USA, and it would appear to be key in keeping corrupt behavior controlling the Charles River.

But there is beauty on the Charles in spite of really destructive people.

Here are a number of photos. Most are photos taken a month ago, on May 13, 2012.

12 05-13-12 Charles S of DNA, Geese

This is the view most people now see of the Charles River White Geese since they are barred from direct contact through a decade of outrages.

This is the Charles River south of the nesting area of the Charles River White Geese.

Three geese, two near shore, one further out, are enjoying the beautiful water.

When you talk to the destructive people destroying the Charles, their idea of creating a swimmable Charles River altogether too often turns out to be a wall on introduced vegetation preventing access between the Charles River and Magazine Beach, a wall which the key state manager has bragged starves the Charles River White Geese.

14 05-13-12, Charles near BU Bridge S of Constr, Wh Ducks

These are two Charles River White Geese and two Charles River White Ducks.

The photo is of an area near the BU Bridge just south of the construction zone by the BU Bridge.

The Charles River White Ducks were dumped at Magazine Beach on July 22, 2006, the day before Friends of the White Geese conducted a five year memorial for Bumpy, the long time leader of the Charles White Geese who was assassinated by a repeat animal killer. The animal killer apparently progressed to rape and murder of a young woman at the location where he had been beating nesting Mother Geese to death.

These two beauties were so innocent when they were dropped off that they thought dogs were their friends, and they did not know what all that blue stuff was all about.

During our memorial for Bumpy, I saved the White Ducks from an attack by a dog sicced on them by a man passing by. I kicked the dog when he had the neck of one of the ducks in his mouth.

The leader of the Charles River Urban Wilds Initiative, the feeders of the Charles River White Geese, taught the Charles River White Ducks what all that blue stuff was for by backing into the Charles River while feeding them. They loved the water once they got into it. CRUWI has been feeding waterfowl residents since Cambridge and the DCR starting their deliberate starvation attacks.

The first year they resided on the Charles, they lived in a native wild on the south side of the Charles in Boston. That native wild was apparently destroyed as part of the repeated environmental destruction by the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy.”

The Charles River Conservancy twice a year starting in 2003 has destroyed native vegetation lining the Charles needed for protection by migratory waterfowl. They destroy everything on the Charles River Basin except for the bizarre wall of introduced vegetation walling off Magazine Beach from the Charles River.

They are consistent. They destroy as part of environmental destruction. They refrain from destroying the introduced thicket whose primary purposes is heartless animal abuse.

The Boston Conservation Commission has expressed shock at the destructiveness of this falsely named group.


Courtesy of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority who did photos of the event, here is a photo of the dog on attack.


And a more pleasant MWRA photo from the same day, before the attack. They were apparently dropped at the foot of this tree at the opening to the Magazine Beach parking lot. They stayed there waiting for their owner to return.

Cambridge and the Department of Conservation and Recreation are aberrations but very destructive aberrations with a massive, corrupt, group in Cambridge running around signing their false praises.

15 05-13-12 Charles S of const, barrier, geese

This is another view of the pretty much the same location as the third above, although a little to the east.

18 05-13-12 3 babies and parents in wasteland.

Here are three goslings and their parents and babysitter (one of the threesome is to the left). They are in an area which was lush with ground vegetation until the Charles River “Conservancy” started destroying the environment for the DCR.

Needless to say, the Charles River “Conservancy” is not friendly to the animal population of the Charles River.

I reported a few reports ago of the incursion of a large group of Charles River White Geese into the area where the DCR is growing yet another impenetrable thicket. At the lead of the group were three adolescent goslings with their parents and baby sitter in tow. This threesome could be the same guys a few weeks earlier.