Monday, July 30, 2012

The Charles River, Boston / Cambridge, MA, USA: Lies, Secret Definitions, and Photos of Reality

1. Introduction.
2. Photos.
A. 08 18 07-22 Mag Bch, Destroyed Boat Dock, Charles, Boston Side.
B. 09 17 07-22 Mag Bch, Ramp, Charles, Boston.
C. 10 16 07-22 Mag Bch Pool, Native, Charles, Boston.
D. 06 20 07-22 DNA E end of N intro, Mem, Ford Plant.
E. 11 15 07-22 Beacon Yards, Locomotive, Work Bldg
F. 12 14 07-22 Beacon Yards.
G. Satellite Photo, 2006.
3. Conclusion.

1. Introduction.

I first learned of the plans of the Cambridge City Manager for destruction in the BU Bridge area of the Charles River in 1996.

They were presented by the predecessor to the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy”. I was immediately struck by the harm these plans would do to the well established, beautiful and very popular gaggle of Charles River White Geese whose core habitat would be severely damaged.

The general reaction was “They would never stoop so low.”

When the first attacks came, with the destruction illegally done in the Nesting Area by Boston University for the state bureaucrats in October 1999, the bureaucrats (predecessor to the Department of Conservation and Recreation) immediately responded with the flat out lie: “We have no intentions to harm the white geese.”

The key bureaucrat repeated this flat out lie when they started starving the Charles River White Geese in 2004 by blocking access to their feeding grounds since 1981 at Magazine Beach from the Charles River.

The Boston Globe published a photo of the earth movers with a tiny White Goose overwhelmed by it. The key bureaucrat was quoted in a lie right next to the photo. “We have no intention to harm the White Geese.”

He has publicly stated that he was using a undisclosed definition (translation: FLAT OUT LIE) of “harm.” Starving them in his sick world is not harming them.

The lying plans for the feeding grounds of the Charles River White Geese at Magazine Beach were announced to be a lawn to the sea. This was the Magazine Beach playing fields.

The CRC celebrated the destruction with a media event, a swim in. They said the destruction would assist swimming. Typical lie. A solid wall blocking access assists swimming.

So the lawn to the sea became a wall of impenetrable introduced bushes.

The bureaucrats frequently repeated that they had a goal of nothing but water related uses for the Charles River. This flat out lie was exacerbated because this wall of impenetrable bushes was broken only by a vestigial boat dock. The boat dock was rendered useless by blocking the access to and from the boat dock from land.

The Cambridge machine / fake neighborhood association’s explanation for the destruction is that they do not recognize the existence of the last 13 years on the Charles River.

Very telling, I recently saw an Internet posting from a woman key in the fake neighborhood association.

She was denigrating the Charles River White Geese. She previously posted on the Internet a comment that she knew all about the plans for Alewife and that there would not be massive destruction.

That was at the point where her lies helped in the destruction of many acres of valuable woodlands and the killing of untold numbers of free animals by talking people out of taking protective action.

This is the sort of person the Cambridge Machine calls an “environmentalist.” Flat out lies on key issues are common. Paterno was a good guy in comparison to these people.

This report will show you the outrage from the Boston side.

These photos were taken on July 12, 2012, in the same photo session as the photos I presented in the last report.

2. Photos.

A. 08 18 07-22 Mag Bch, Destroyed Boat Dock, Charles, Boston Side.

This photo and the following were taken from the Boston side of the Charles River. To be exact, they were taken from the far side of the road on the Boston side, Soldiers Field Road. They are taken with a modest telephoto lense.

Commonly, the photos are looking over native vegetation. A good perspective of the situation is that the vegetation on the Cambridge side at Magazine Beach is far taller than the average human being. You do not shoot photos over it.

Almost all vegetation on the Charles River Basin is destroyed twice a year by the CRC for the bureaucrats. The vegetation walling off Magazine Beach’s playing fields has not been cut since it was planted and the bureaucrats started using it as a starvation tactic.

This photo shows at the bottom, vegetation on the Boston side with an overlook.

Above this vegetation is the Charles River. Some water birds can be seen in the photo. They may be Charles River White Geese. The Destroyed Nesting Area which has been turned into their ghetto is not very far to the right of the area show in the photo.

The brown spot which is the only break in the bizarre wall of introduced bushes used to be a boat dock. People would drive up into the parking lot which is north of the boat dock and put their boats in the water. The greenery beyond the brown spot was introduced as part of phase 2 of the outrages.

The boat dock was not destroyed itself. It was just rendered useless by the creation of a number of barriers on the Cambridge side. The greenery above the brown space is part of barriers for the Charles River White Geese created as part of phase 2.

I have a lot of photos on this particular outrage. Going into further detail at this point would overwhelm this report.

B. 09 17 07-22 Mag Bch, Ramp, Charles, Boston.

Same photo as the previous taken slightly to the left.

Straight ahead can be viewed the screen from the softball field at Magazine Beach. Before the continuing outrages, there were two softball fields. The story was that the softball fields were being reduced in size for soccer.

The lies of omission hid the fact that total playing fields were being reduced in size. As part of phase two, approximately seven acres of healthy grass which had survived for the better part of a century were destroyed. In place of the healthy grass were introduced sickly stuff which cannot survive without poisons. So a massive poison drainage system replaced the playing fields to drain off poisons which are only “necessary” to keep alive sickly grasses which should not have been introduced in the first place.

The model for this outrage is Ebersol Fields on the Boston side of the Charles River near Massachusetts General Hospital. A few years ago, the poisons were not working well enough, so the bureaucrats dumped poisons there marked with prohibition against use near water. The next day, the Charles River was dead with algae grown from the Mass. Ave. Bridge to the harbor. This infestation repeats every year. It started early this year.

C. 10 16 07-22 Mag Bch Pool, Native, Charles, Boston.

At the bottom can be seen the top of a low fence lining the walkway / small vehicle highway on the river side of Soldiers Field Road. The fact that the vegetation on the Boston side just barely peers over the low fence shows the height of the vegetation.

On the Cambridge side I think the structure visible is the state's swimming pool built when the Charles River became too polluted to swim in. It is to the west of the hill area which is to the west of the playing fields. The parking lot the Cambridge Machine is fighting to destroy is just to the east of the pool.

Important, however, is the bordering vegetation lining the Charles on the Cambridge side. This is native and is needed by migrating water fowl. Like almost all other bordering vegetation on the Charles River Basin, it is destroyed twice a year by the CRC acting for the DCR.

By contrast the introduced stuff has never been cut. The bizarre wall of introduced stuff has value. It starves the beautiful Charles River White Geese.

When the introduced wall of vegetation was first put in, in phase 1, the Charles River White Geese tried to use this grass to replace their decades long food at Magazine Beach, but the hillside was too steep for them.

D. 06 20 07-22 DNA E end of N intro, Mem, Ford Plant.

This is the introduced bushes in the Northern part of the Destroyed Nesting Area, same day.

This is the precursor of the massive wall of introduced vegetation which is very clearly intended to copy the outrage at Magazine Beach. They leave this stuff alone and you get the stuff on the Charles.

E. 11 15 07-22 Beacon Yards, Locomotive, Work Bldg

This rail yard is almost opposite the area where the CRC is fighting for new environmental destruction, particularly near the structure over the highway. This photo and the next were taken between the photos of the Cambridge side and the photos putting the lie to the CRC’s false photo / whatever of their project.

This is the future home of Harvard Medical School.

Harvard’s empire building is a major part of the reason for environmental destruction on the Charles River.

F. 12 14 07-22 Beacon Yards.

Another view.

G. Satellite Photo, 2006.

To put things in perspective, the area on the left marked Cambridge Allston tolls includes the rail yard show in the last two photos just above the interchange.

This still, for the time being, is a large rail yard. It just so happens that it has the toll road exit in the middle of it.

At the middle lower of the photo is the BU Bridge with the rail bridge under it. Between the two is shown and marked as I90, the Mass. Pike. Harvard’s purchases started almost immediately after a state report saying that it is physically possible to create a ramp from the Mass. Pike to the Rail Bridge.

The massive wall of introduced vegetation was relatively tiny then, if these particular bushes existed at all, and is not visible from the satellite. Additionally the season was winter or very early spring and greenery is hard to see.

Nevertheless, the destroyed boat dock is probably just below the B in “Magazine Beach.” I am guessing that the structure to the right of “Cambridge-Allston” and above Mag in “Magazine Beach” is the swimming pool.

The Nesting Area which is now the Charles River White Geese’s ghetto is to the right of the BU Bridge and above the rail bridge.

When the bureaucrats started starving the Charles River White Geese in phase 1, Cambridge did a “sewer project” in the extended area east of the Destroyed Nesting Area and east of the white spot which is the BU Boat House.

Cambridge left a wall of plastic keeping pretty much all of that food from them as well.

So the combined projects took their main food and their principal alternate food from them.

3. Conclusion.

Nothing is done by the DCR without direct support of Cambridge. Frequently Cambridge’s money funds part or all of the destruction.

Paterno did very terrible things because he did not crack down on a child abuser in his midst. There is no allegation that he physically directly helped the child abuser other than by keeping the outrage secret.

The Cambridge Machine is very active on all sides of environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse and animal killing: in hiding the outrages after the fact, assisting the outrages before the fact, and in providing a lot of money.

This behavior is not just that of condoning or hiding destruction. It is that of an active participant in destruction.

The Cambridge Machine is directly comparable to Paterno when it comes to the Cambridge City Manager’s destroying a woman’s life in retaliation for her filing a civil / women’s rights complaint. The pols are just keeping this outrage as secret as possible although they have recently gone through the “Oh golly I tried” phase which is normal when they get caught, and also meaningless except to help reelection.

Paterno was a piker in comparison to the Cambridge Machine.