Sunday, August 05, 2012

Cambridge (MA) Signs: Heartless Animal Abusers yes; Animal Lovers no

The Cambridge (MA) Chronicle reported in its most recent issue on the Cambridge Department of Public Works keeping a woman from posting signs on lampposts in a hunt for her lost dog. The report is posted on line at :

Strange, the fake “neighborhood association” in Cambridgeport posts signs on lampposts all the time without problem.

Perhaps the activities of the fake “neighborhood association” on Saturday were an excellent example. They conducted a celebration on Magazine Beach bragging about how enlightened the City and the State Bureaucracy is on environmental issues.

They just do not want to know about the heartless abuse of the Charles River White Geese or about the belligerent environmental destruction or about the mass animal kill at Alewife.

They get horribly confused when discussing reality, including the most recent turn of the screws.

Cambridge, MA has no shame.


They did say why they support destruction of the parking lot at the foot of Magazine Street.

They do not have the money yet and thus the project is fully beatable. They oppose discussing their coming destruction of the parking lot until they have the money and, thus cannot be beat.

But aside from this supremely cynical position, they do not say why they want to destroy it.

But, as usual, they sound so good.