Thursday, September 06, 2012

NOW joins the Cambridge Machine, abandons women?

On September 6, 2012, the Cambridge Chronicle, on page A10 of its hard copy, printed a letter supporting Cambridge City Councilor Marjorie Decker for State Representative. I do not see it on line. The following is my proposed response with some edits:


Cambridge Chronicle

I am fascinated by the letter written by Aliza Chimene-Weiss apparently on behalf of NARAL, Pro-Choice Massachusetts, National Organization for Women (NOW) and the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts.

She says that Marjorie Decker is well qualified as State Representative because Decker fills the mandates for a member of the US Congress. Ms. Decker has stayed in office as a city councilor perhaps because she claims she would make a great congressperson.

I can see 3 of the groups, with pro abortion emphasis, going along with this letter but I am very disappointed in NOW.

I was a feminist before significant numbers of women were feminists and I am very disappointed in NOW for supporting a candidate with Decker’s real record.

Decker’s real record on feminism and women’s rights is very real and very practical. It is MONTEIRO, MONTEIRO, MONTEIRO.

The Cambridge City Manager has been condemned in court up to the level of the Appeals Courts because he destroyed the life of Malvina Monteiro in retaliation for Monteiro filing a complaint alleging mistreatment because she is a woman.

The Appeals Court panel said: “Ample evidence of . . . outrageous behavior.”

The Superior Court judge said “reprehensible,” summarizing an extended analysis of misbehavior by the Cambridge City Manager.

The Superior Court jury said: $1.1 million real damages, MORE THAN triple penal damages, $3.5 million.

This combination of decisions empowers the Cambridge City Council to fire the Cambridge Manager without golden parachute and possibly without pension.

There are exactly ZERO members of the Cambridge City Council who seem to be meaningfully working to implement the core opinions in the Monteiro Case. There are exactly ZERO members of the Cambridge City Council who support meaningful implementation of the Monteiro case, firing the Cambridge City Manager because he destroyed a woman’s life in retaliation for her filing a women’s rights complaint. Decker is one of the people who stand for ZERO.

But Decker sounds so great when she is talking things not part of her responsibilities.

I am very disappointed in NOW for apparently supporting a candidate with this irresponsible a record. NOW is looking like the members of the Cambridge Machine, or is it (and I do not know) controlled by the Cambridge Machine?

I think NOW should reverse itself and support women’s rights in a meaningful manner. NOW should condemn Decker, not endorse her.