Saturday, October 20, 2012

Response to Cambridge Chronicle’s praise for the Machine on the Charles River, Concise description of the Cambridge Machine

1. General.
2. Letter to the Editor.
3. Concise description of the Cambridge, MA, USA Machine.

1. General.

In the Thursday, October 20, 2012, edition of the Cambridge Chronicle, and on line, the Chronicle did a puff piece misrepresenting the actions of the Cambridge Machine at Magazine Beach as helpful to Magazine Beach.

I offered a response in a letter to the editor.

2. Letter to the Editor.

Cambridge Chronicle

I was fascinated by your front page report on The Machine’s discovery of Magazine Beach. The front organization stands for one good thing which it brags about. It stands for many bad things which it keeps as secret as possible.

They fight for the destruction of the parking lot at the foot of Magazine Street. It is needed by little people who picnic in that area. Their explanation translates: How dare you fight destroying the parking lot. We don’t have the money yet. You might beat us.

There are very serious problems at Magazine Beach. Those problems have been created by the misbehavior of Cambridge and the State during 13 years of irresponsible destruction and animal abuse. The machine’s history of Magazine Beach does not include the last 13 years.

By telling people to look at everything else they:

• Are fighting for the continued deliberate starvation of the Charles River White Geese whose food for most of the last 32 years has been forcibly taken from them.

• Are fighting to keep poisons being dumped on the playing fields to keep alive sickly introduced grass which replaces healthy environmentally responsible grass they needlessly destroyed. The destroyed grass continues to survive next to the parking lot they now want to destroy.

• Are fighting to keep the playing fields smaller than they should be. Massive areas have been converted to drainage to drain off the poisons needlessly being dumped there.

• Are fighting to keep Magazine Beach walled off from the Charles River with a bizarre wall of introduced vegetation which has never been explained. Vegetation next to the Charles elsewhere is destroyed twice a year.

• Are fighting to keep the boat dock closed.

• Are fighting to keep yet another massive wall of bushes being built in the tiny area to which they have confined the Charles River White Geese by their bizarre machinations.

The machine at Magazine Beach is copying its successful tactics at Alewife.

The Machine spent 14 years claiming to defend Alewife. They succeeded in destroying acres of Alewife for a “flood control” project which cannot be achieved by their destruction but which can be done under the parking lot across the street. They have killed hundred of resident animals. They are working for perhaps total destruction.

The game is the same: yell about everything else. Ignore their friends’ outrageous behavior.

The Machine always sounds great. Reality commonly is the opposite.

3. Concise description of the Cambridge, MA, USA Machine.

The concept of the Machine which established itself around James Leo Sullivan and Robert Healy is that of a company union. The Machine has been very effective as a company union and has shown itself to be an excellent example of the reason why true Unionists have contempt for company unions.

The idea of a company union is to prevent real organization and possibly get some bad stuff done in the process.

Company unions step into a void and fill that void, rottenly, preventing action that needs to be done.

I recently published a taste of this in my remembrance report for James Leo Sullivan, published at