Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cambridge City Councilor vanBeuzekom shows she supports further massive destruction of Alewife Reservation

1. Brief summary.
2. Meeting Saturday night.
3. Analysis.
A. General.
B. The Machine’s goals.
C. VanBeuzekom’s goals.
D. Summary.
4. Prior reports.

1. Brief summary.

I have repeatedly condemned eight members of the Cambridge City Council for their irresponsible and soon to accelerate destruction at the Alewife reservation.

I have exempted from my condemnation Councilor vanBeuzekom because she just joined. She just lost my new member presumption of innocence.

2. Meeting Saturday night.

Saturday, November 17, 2012, The Cambridge Machine conducted an environmental meeting with emphasis on transportation. It was conducted at the city building across from City Hall. They had a good attendance.

These “environmental protection” meetings are part of the nonstop lies that an environmental destructive city government is holier than thou on the environment.

I popped in at exactly the right moment. Councilor vanBeuzekom was bragging about protecting the environment at Alewife. She even mentioned the two imminent projects on both sides of CambridgePark Drive.

So I asked her one question in the question period following her presentation.

She very clearly is aware of the two key coming projects. One directly abuts the destroyed virgin woodlands with its acres of destruction and massive animal kill. The other is across the street and is part of a massive parking lot stretching to the Alewife Brook Parkway.

I pointed out the fact that North Cambridge and Alewife have severe flooding problems, two 50 year storms in the past 20 years. I pointed out that Cambridge has destroyed acres of Alewife reservation for flood protection against the worst possible storm in TWO YEARS. The two year “protection” is kept as secret as possible. The Machine just claimed to be providing flood protection. Protection against a two year storm is not flood protection. I pointed out the uselessness of the accomplished destruction for flood protection.

I pointed out that the massive parking lot on the opposite side of CambridgePark Drive and those two projects could provide the needed protection. Without that protection, greater, perhaps total, destruction of the Alewife reservation would almost certainly follow. The victims in North Cambridge would learn they have been lied to after the first big storm.

Councilor vanBeuzekom responded by talking about other protective projects she has been working on. When I tried to get her to discuss the ongoing destruction of the environment at Alewife since she had given the idea she was protecting Alewife, the chair told me to sit down.

The immediately following speaker was Stephen Kaiser. He got a great introduction from the speaker. Kaiser is a key part of The Machine and has been for many years. Kaiser has been involved in a lot of destruction. He sounds great. He is just on the wrong side.

I walked out.

3. Analysis.

A. General.

Last year vanBeuzekom posed for a “protective” photo which was used by The Machine in its fight for the environmental outrage achieved at Alewife in October - November 2011.

The Machine ran around lying of their “concern” for Alewife for 14 years, telling people to look at everything except for what its friends are doing. After the acres of destruction and mass animal kill occurred in October - November 2011, the leader of the fake group which was The Machine’s front organization bragged about the destruction. At minimum, the 14 year leader of the fake group printed a letter in the Cambridge Chronicle. She then gave her pitch to The Machine’s fake environmental group in Cambridgeport.

Currently, The Machine has been yelling at the developers of the two projects. This is a standard pitch. ALWAYS do exactly the wrong thing and keep people doing the wrong thing as long as possible, until the outrage is accomplished.

The Machine will not talk with the Cambridge City Council, the people responsible for the accomplished environmental outrage at Alewife, the people who will be responsible for the future destruction. These are the people who should be IMMEDIATELY talking bout the taking of easements needed on the two properties and under that massive parking lot.

A responsible city government would be building flood protection underground, under those buildings and under the parking lot. The building proposed for the far side is doing exactly what is needed in all these locations, just at a size only useful for its project alone. A much larger version of the flood protection under this building can and should be used under the parking lot and under the two proposed buildings. This is essential for the needed flood storage in order. The obvious alternative is the future destruction at Alewife.


One of the key lies is nonstop nonsense in which The Machine is bragging falsely about the environmental sainthood of these environmental destroyers.

The Machine, as is usual with The Machine, tells people to look at everything except what counts.

B. The Machine’s goals.

The Machine is stalling until those two projects are too far along to take easements. Then the choice will be between

(1). building under a much smaller area, the remnants of that very large parking lot; this would clearly be a lot more difficult and expensive, or

(2). accomplishing further massive destruction and killing of resident animals in the irreplaceable Alewife reservation to do what The Machine is lying is being done by the accomplished and totally wasteful destruction.

The technique is ALWAYS to discuss everything except what counts, AND PREVENT DISCUSSION OF REALITY.

C. VanBeuzekom’s goals.

VanBeuzekom, by her detailed publicly stated knowledge of the two key projects has shown that she knows what is going on at Alewife.

VanBeuzekom, in her response to my question, tried to switch to areas where Cambridge and she do not have filthy hands and filthy coming destruction. VanBeuzekom showed:

(1). she knows exactly what she is doing and

(2). that she does not want to know herself what she is doing and,

(3). more importantly, that she does not want the voters to know how environmentally destructive she is.

D. Summary.

The count is now NINE BAD CITY COUNCILORS out of nine on the Cambridge, MA, City Council, if you are pro environment.

4. Prior reports.

My most recent report on Alewife was on August 30, 2012, at

This report is extensive. It includes photographs and links to prior reports.

Before that, I included an appendix on Alewife in my detailed letter to the Cambridge City Council reported on August 8, 2012 at This appendix is much less detailed that the August 30, 2012 report. It was the least reported part by me on this Blog. My emphasis was on the Charles River.

The Machine non stop brags that it is holier than thou on environmental issues.

The Machine non stop lies on the important stuff and tells people to look at everything except what counts.

You can bet The Machine will continue to yell about everything except what Cambridge is destroying.