Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cambridge Day: Cambridge, MA, USA Common tree destruction already approved.

A report dated November 20, 2012 in Cambridge Day states that the environmental destruction and mass tree destruction I reported on a week or so ago has already been approved. This is in the second paragraph of a follow on report.

That existing approval makes the pious noises in Councilor Kelley’s motion about tree destruction of 100 trees as part of the project that much more typical Cambridge nonsense.

The Cambridge Day report may be read at:

My most recent prior report may be read at:

Kelley’s motion mentioned in my report was approved at the November 19, 2012, city council meeting. This sort of nonsense is how an environmentally reprehensible city government stays in power.

I do not know, but can guess, how Kelley voted on the vote for the destruction. Very clearly the Cambridge City Council voted for it. Following up a vote to destroy with saccharine of concern for the destruction they have approved is typical Cambridge hypocrisy.

This fits Roy Bercaw's analysis of Cambridge as a corrupt government. Dishonesty in fact.

It can be certain that The Cambridge Machine will brag about the expression of concern and suppress the reality.