Saturday, December 01, 2012

Cambridge MA City Manager Regency to be Extended?

The Cambridge Chronicle is reporting that six members of the Cambridge City Council are seeking to appoint Deputy City Manager Richard Rossi to replace the retiring Robert Healy,

Five favorable votes will be needed on Monday night, December 3, 2012. With six incumbents endorsing the order, the Rossi promotion approaches being a sure thing.

This would be a repeat of the passing of the baton from James Leo Sullivan to Robert Healy which brought Robert Healy to office.

Rossi has been in the middle of some bad environmental destruction.

The guilty members of the City Council are Mayor Davis and Councilors Maher, Cheung, Reeves, Toomey, and Decker.

The actual order may be reviewed at

It is silly to think that this appointment will improve things.