Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Emergency at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese, assistance needed

The Charles River White Geese have lived on the Charles River for 32 years. They have created a community which is loved by decent human beings.

In recent years, they have been heartlessly abused by Cambridge, MA, and by its friends in state government.

The explanation for the abuse offered by the front organization representing the interests of Cambridge, MA in the community is that the last 13 years do not exist. But the front organization, The Cambridge Machine, runs around lying that it is concerned about the Charles River and its environment.

For most of the last 32 years, they have lived in a one mile long habitat on the Charles River centered on the BU Bridge in Cambridge, MA, USA. They fed at and lived at the Magazine Beach playing fields. Once a year during nesting and also during extreme weather conditions, they lived in their nesting area bounded by the BU Bridge, by an on ramp to Memorial Drive and by the Grand Junction Railroad.

For several years now, Cambridge and its friends in the state have been deliberately starving them by walling off their food at Magazine Beach and by dumping poisons on that food. The worst accomplice at the state level, the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) has created a secret goal for the Charles River Basin hidden in their definition of Parkland. The goal is to kill off all animals on the Charles River basin, and they implement this goal by dirty tricks sneaked into otherwise innocuous projects.

Half the tiny area to which the Charles River White Geese have been confined was destroyed in repairs to the BU Bridge. This is the almost all of the western portion of the area running along the BU Bridge. About half of that destruction was totally unnecessary. The destroyed area has been filled in with introduced bushes which look likely to recreate the bizarre wall which is walling off Magazine Beach.

The Charles River White Geese, until this week, were confined in the eastern half of their Nesting Area.

During the period commencing with the appointment of the Charles River “Conservancy” to destroy the environment for the DCR, almost all ground vegetation running about half a mile east from the BU Bridge has been destroyed.

We had blamed the CRC for this destruction but the outrage which initiated this last week indicates that significant parts of the destruction has also been done by irresponsible maintenance workers with DCR consent, outright or tacit.

This photo from the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese demonstrates the rottenness of the people with whom we are dealing.

2012 / 06-08 / 19 05-13-12, DNA dirt regrowing, natives, highway, geese.

The green spots are nature reclaiming land destroyed by human destroyers. This week, this area has had large amounts of crushed stone dumped on it. All the now brown areas were previously native and healthy until the destroyers went to work on them. Pretty much all of the brown areas have been used since the weekend for parking or access to parking. My prior report showed where responsible people would park.

The Charles River White Geese need your help.

Contacting the DCR or Cambridge is a waste of time. These people are beneath consideration.

The governor and the Department of Transportation are other matters.

The governor may have stepped in to keep the DCR from getting Obama moneys for the destruction of more than 100 healthy, excellent trees near the Charles River in the area between here and the second bridge to the east. The DCR lied that all the trees were diseased. The lie was proven in the DCR’s submittal to Cambridge which the governor received.

The Department of Transportation has been a breath of fresh air after dealing with Cambridge, the DCR, and the Cambridge Machine. The commuter rail workers committing this outrage are under the aegis of the Department of Transportation.

Contacts are:

Governor Patrick, 617-725-4005;, and

The Department of Transportation,

Additionally, assistance to the Friends of the White Geese is very much crucial.

We need money to help with our efforts, and we need workers. We may be contacted by email at We take paypal which in turn takes any major credit card. We have a link at the top of our Blog at

Checks and other snail mail communications may be mailed to Friends of the White Geese c/o Robert J. La Trémouille, PO Box 391412, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

Friends of the White Geese is a non profit organization registered with the Attorney General of Massachusetts. Contributions are NOT TAX EXEMPT because of our necessary political activities.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.