Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Cambridge Machine Questions Credibility

A few weeks ago, I reported on an exchange between two individuals concerning development in Cambridge, MA, USA.

One was a Machine type crying “too much development”. The other was a developer type blasting the Machine type for being unrealistic.

My evaluation was that the two were on the same side and that the developer type was helping the Machine type pull the usual con game on well meaning people by giving The Machine undeserved credibility.

We have had another such con game. This time the Machine type (different person) questioned the developer type’s (I do not have the slightest idea if this one was the same or another; they all sound the same. They all read from the same script.) credibility.

My response with some clean up:


[Name omitted to protect the guilty] is correct.

There is a severe problem with credibility on development and environmental issues.

It starts with [Name omitted to protect the guilty].

A little over a year ago, I communicated the very real problems facing Alewife and for a long time, I have communicated the very real problems on the Charles River.

At Alewife, in a meeting of this group, when action was needed immediately, [Name omitted to protect the guilty] said nobody was destroying anything and he/she claimed he/she knows what he/she is talking about.

Since then, Cambridge and the DCR have destroyed acres of Alewife and conducted a massive pogrom of its animal residents. More destruction is imminent because the project will not provide the flood protection claimed. So it is a matter of building underground in a location where underground is disappearing or destroying the rest of Alewife. The Machine has a position, stall and blame the other guy.

The same thing is going on on the Charles. The problem on the Charles is 13 years of environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse by, once again, Cambridge and the DCR. The Machine claims to be concerned about the Charles River but denies the last 13 years exist. So The Machine says to help with an historical building but ignore plans to destroy its parking lot until it is too late to prevent that destruction. Ignore the poisons being dumped on Magazine Beach. Ignore the bizarre wall blocking off Magazine Beach from the Charles and starving the 30 plus year resident Charles River White Geese. Ignore the replacement of healthy grass with sickly stuff that needs the poisons. Ignore the ease to seed responsible grass instead of seeding poisons. Ignore the ease of chopping down that bizarre wall.

Ignore the destruction of playing fields to drain off poisons which should not even be there.

Ignore the use of the tiny area the Charles River White Geese have been confined to as a parking lot for Commuter Rail workers. Ignore the bizarre massive thicket of bushes being seeded there.

Ignore reality. Listen to The Machine.